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Record and note the best moments in life with Matua. This custom made notebook has the iconic teal colour for its hard cover with the Matua logo debossed in its surface. The Matua brand at the bottom of the front cover is printed in silver for a subtle premium accent. Each page of the notebook has the Matua logo printed at the lower right corners. Attached to it is a ribbon and elastic closure  for a little bit of portability and privacy.  


Size: 14 cm x 21 cm

Material: Hard Cover, Elastic Closure with matching ribbon

Branding: Debossed Logo 1 position, 1 colour print silver logo 1 position at bottom. 1 colour page lines and 1 colour print logo per bottom right page 

Packing Specs:  1 pc/orientated polypropylene bag

Carton Size: 41 cm x 33 cm x 26 cm

Units per Carton:  20 pcs/Small Carton, 2 Small Carton/Outer Carton

Weight: GW 1.7kgs

MOQ: 500

MCOQ: 2000

NOTE: Product orders follow a 1:100 ratio. Each quantity is equivalent to its value multiplied by 100. For example, an order quantity of 3 is equal to 300 pcs. (3 x 100 = 300)

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Notebook SK.jpg
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