Insanity - Insane Design Brief

Guten Tag,

You've been selected by the major brand Square to create a new product aimed at women for sale in 2020. The product should be for use anywhere and encourage more cycling.

Although your work should take into consideration all areas of the design process, particular attention should be paid to the usability and icons of the proposed design concept. The final solution should have a retail value of $50 or less.

You have 4 weeks to complete and submit this design brief. Your presentation should be digital and include digital wireframes and Photoshop files.

Warning: This brief has no filters and is probably insane... or it could produce a moment of genius.

You crazy! This brief makes no sense?

These briefs are random so, sure, maybe every now and again you'll receive a duff one that doesn't make sense.

If that's the case maybe there are parts of the brief that you like, adapt it, try swapping a few things around.

If you really don't like your brief, just generate a new one. Remember this is just to kickstart your imagination.

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