“We work with you to improve upon existing products and/or invent new ones. Our aim is to create promotional products, GWP's and merchandise that exceed the brief on design, value and function and ensures your brand connects with your audience.

We do not invent, but think beyond the existing promotional products category. We disrupt conventions and change existing paradigms.


We could get you a boring promotional product and squabble with you over the price or present to you a solution that will stimulate your receptors. With our promotional products, we make people feel it.


We love to work with your ideas, too. That way, its saves both of us heaps of time. We will then know your purpose and we have the passion to see it through.


We design everything with a human purpose: our products have the LOOK, TOUCH, FEEL elements. We are not trying to change the world, but do want to contribute positively to its positive changes.


Great outcomes rarely happen by chance or by guesswork.  Share with us your vision, your objectives and your budgets and together we can explore what's out there.  Your vision and objectives will guide us but your budget is like the beacon in the night....without it we all end up lost and just hoping to stumble across the perfect solution!


Feel the difference whilst dealing with us: YES, we are selective of our clients. It is because we are not trying to be the biggest, but be the best and have fun whilst doing it.  Just email us and we will call you, wherever you are around the globe. 

We have a proven integrated approach to the management ofmerchandise-basedprojects and campaigns providing full-circle project management, including,

  • Market research

  • Product conceptualisation, creative development & production

  • Warehousing & logistics

  • Quality control, assembly & packaging

  • International shipping & delivery