Merch & Effect, our suppliers and their sub-contractors must uphold the following requirements:


  • Compliance to all local Employment Laws and Regulations, including maximum weekly hours and provision of (at least) the minimum wages and benefits as stipulated in local laws
  • Freedom from discrimination of any kind including gender, ethnic or religious based harassment or discrimination.
  • Zero tolerance for Child labour, Illegal labour or Involuntary labour.
  • Staff must be able to freely and without recrimination join appropriate trade unions and be able to operate under the appropriate local laws.

Health & Safety

  • Workers will be provided with a clean, safe and organised work environment, including:
  • Clean bathrooms, safe drinking water and appropriate facility for food storage, preparation and consumption;
  • Clean and safe worker accommodation, (where appropriate);
  • Equipment that is properly maintained with safeguards as required by local laws
  • Training for staff to ensure their safe operation of all equipment at all times Supply of personal protective equipment as required

Management Obligations

  • Suppliers must at all times behave professionally, ethically and with fairness and respect towards their staff, subcontractors, customers, suppliers and environment;
  • Suppliers must be aware of and compliant with the relevant local laws of employment, business and environment;
  • Suppliers must work with subcontractors to ensure they are also compliant in these requirements and refuse to deal with sub-contractors unable or unwilling to comply.