Merch & Effect commits to understanding our supply chains, including health and safety, environmental, labour and human rights issues. We are expected to have responsible behaviour, as well as quality and value as we work with suppliers to make improvements, in cases where their practices fall short of our expectations. We understand and respect the client and suppliers' confidential information and running a fair selection processes. It is guaranteed that the payments made are in accordance with our contractual commitments.

Applicable for Merch & Effect and our suppliers, our Ethical Supply Policy will ensure:

  • We are consistently sourcing products in an appropriate, ethical and responsible manner;
  • Our staff are aware of and invested in this process;
  • We are working with our suppliers to support and improve their circumstances;
  • We will not work with suppliers who do not comply with our vision and who do not demonstrate zero tolerance in maintaining the policy;
  • Protection for our brands and our client’s brands.