• Complete the Merch & Effect Supplier Data Sheet as and when requested and provide evidence of any certifications and audit status currently held;
  • Suppliers must at any time and on request provide evidence of currently held and mutually recognised audits;
  • The supplier and any sub-contractor must be willing to undergo additional auditing by Merch & Effect (or an independent 3 rd Party) as and when required;
  • Suppliers not able to provide information or evidence to the satisfaction of Merch & Effect will not be engaged by Merch & Effect;
  • Suppliers not meeting the requirements of this policy may after taking agreed corrective action re-submit to be a supplier to Merch & Effect;
  • The Merch & Effect Supplier Data Sheet (and accompanying audit information) must be re-submitted by the supplier every 12 months or at the expiration of any mutually recognised audits, whichever is sooner, prior to undertaking new works for Merch & Effect;

To be accredited as a supplier, please download Supplier Accreditation Form here