Cruzan Rum Tiki cup

Client: Beam Global 2013 - Brand: Cruzan Rum


Cruzan Rum Tiki Cup

The challenge was to design and manufacture two particular kinds of Tiki mask expressions for Cruzan Rum Tiki Mugs.

The team had to pore over the brand guidelines and learn a lot about the brand and all about the Tiki cup, its culture and origin, which we found on

We were surprised to learn that it was an American concept starting in  Hollywood around 1934. We thought it was Polynesian.

The mid-1990s saw the revival of the Tiki culture and we thought the mid-2010s would also be a good time to re-revive it.

We did have some issues with the packaging in our initial run. We could not get the rustic finish we were looking for. However, we got it right on the second go.

The product was a big hit with the consumers and we are going in for a re-run, so watch this space for the new Tiki Expressions.


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Cruzan Rum Tiki cup
Cruzan Rum Tiki Cup
Cruzan Rum
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