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Client: Treasury Wine Estates - Brand: Penfolds


We came up with this Penfolds Wine Bag when we thought of items that would complement Penfolds wine products. We embossed the Penfolds logo on the front flap prominently against the black backdrop to make it stand out. Since the bottles tend to accumulate moisture due to its cold contents, the materials we used for this bag makes sure that it keeps it in.  It is moulded from high quality PU leather with a matte finish for that smooth and flawless look. 

This wine bag can hold up to two bottles of wine comfortably. It comes with a sling for a hassle-free and secure transport of your wine anytime and anywhere. This item is perfect to bring on picnics and even beach outings to make sure each experience is hyped up with fresh bottles of your favorite wine.

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pf Wine Bag 3.jpg
pf Wine Bag.jpg
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