Appleton Estate travel wallet

Client: Campari - Brand: Appleton Estate


Appleton Estate Travel Wallet

Simplicity and practicality can go a long way. This is what we had in mind when we designed this Appleton Estate travel wallet. It makes a memorable gift with usability that can span for years.

We chose to make this travel wallet from premium leather in rich brown color to go with Appleton Estate’s rustic theme. We engraved the brand’s logo at the front.

The slogan of Appleton Estate is "Crafted in the Heart of Jamaica". The iconic heart and arrow from their seal is taken and engraved on the inner flap.

Although the brand’s imagery is imminent in the design, its subtlety makes it stylish enough to go with your existing luggage and bags. This travel wallet can hold bills, tickets, and a passport and it features several card slots, making it a quintessential travel item and a valuable gift. 

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Appleton Estate travel wallet
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