LAUNCHING SOON: New and Innovative Belt Kit

We have developed a product that helps anyone be connected with what they put on their waists. Same as to our diet, there is a sense of achievement within ourselves whenever we cook our own food which helps us eat healthy and lose weight; a common therapeutic effect on DIY activities. A belt is a subtle piece of fashion most people take for granted, but only few know its effect in balancing your whole outfit which is why these people are serious with their belts.



The THEORY belt is a kit that’s easy to use for anyone who wants to create their own premium quality belt. A fully customised piece of fashion made by your own hands which can definitely elevate your confidence as you pair it with your wardrobe.

Innovative Merchandise

Trending Innovative Merchandise: Premium Juice Dispenser

Here is an innovative marketing idea for all companies in the drinks and healthy living industry that are wanting to promote the lifestyle and diet associated with their brand. In addition to this, companies that sell blenders can use this product to initiate brand activation or keep their current customers interested by a new method to the juicing process.


Why This is a Great Marketing Idea:

  • Multipurpose – This product has two functions, a filtered water bottle section at the top to store water conveniently while filtering at the mouth piece to offer a great and purer taste. On the bottom part of the bottle it has a built in juicer that allows you to freshly squeeze your own fruit into the bottle to make an unprocessed, all naturally flavoured drink. Even if you don’t want to drink it with water, it offers the opportunity to have just fruit or mixed fruit.

  • Customisable – This marketing idea is flexible with both colour scheme and branding. With a bottle there is plenty of space to place a logo, whether it be on the lid or on the side, there is great freedom in setting its location. additionally it is as flexible with the colouring offering a variation in colour potential.

  • Creative – With very few products like this out there, it is innovative and unique, standing out from other companies and attracting customers just through being interested in what it does.

Innovative Merchandise

Innovative Merchandise: Handy Pocket Powerbanks

Branded power banks are a fantastic way to market your brand. In a now ever technological world people everywhere are using their mobile phones, tablets and electronic gadgets on a daily basis. Also fitted with USB Ports and a LED Display on the front, this branded power bank is a great innovation for increasing brand activation. 

Wellplayed Power Bank.jpg

There are numerous ways to use this premium power bank. If your target is to increase your brand popularity, you can give them away for free during exhibitions, this increases the reach you will have on potential customers and will enhance your brand recognition and awareness.

Another way is to offer this power bank as a redemption gift or for use as gift with purchase to raise your in store sales as this will help enhance your product recognition.

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Innovative Merchandise Ideas: Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones – solid cubes made of either stone or stainless steel – offer the benefit of keeping your drink cold without diluting it. Many prefer to use them over ice cubes because they don’t melt, are odorless and tasteless, and have a more prolonged cooling effect. All this means the customer will be able to enjoy his or her drink in a whiskey glass without any alteration of taste or smell.

Unplugged ice cube 2.jpg

Nonetheless, excellent promo whiskey stones require equally nice packaging. No company would hand them over like ordinary rocks, for sure. Just look at the new packaging designs for promo whiskey cubes here above.

GWP Ideas

Function and Style: Merchandise for the Active Women Today

A handbag hook is a perfect companion for any girl to keep their handbags off the ground.  This helps keep your handbag clean and prolong its usability. Besides, this handbag hook also shouts out as a fashion statement. The simple yet posh design stands out from other conventional handbag hooks that may come across as too loud or cheap looking.



How can offering a handbag hook be helpful?

On a marketing level, offering a promotional gift reflects well on the company. It shows that the company is customer orientated and they is also a gesture of generosity to them. Customers that receives gift will usually be more loyal or receptive to future products or promotions from that same company.

Furthermore, by offering such promotional gifts it will also promote the products of the company. It helps create brand recall in the minds of customers. They would then have the perception that your company is reliable because your gift could be something they see every day.

You may think that promotional gifts are seen everywhere but they are actually one of the most preferred ways of marketing. No one will say no to a free gift, especially if it is something that is useful and practical. If your company has not been using promotional gifts as a marketing tool, we strongly encourage that you consider this approach! 

GWP Ideas, Innovative Merchandise

Premium Packaging Ideas: Smooth and Sturdy Cardboard Boxes

Packaging is undeniably one of the most significant aspects of marketing. Working with a trusted gift box factory ensures that your custom gift packaging is done according to your requirements.

LinkedIn_The Star.jpg

Why do we think that any custom packaging is a great idea?

  • Design Appeal. Having this kind of packaging helps motivate customers to make a purchase. Thus, customizing the box is really important.

  • Stimulate sales. Great packaging can affect one’s buying decision. Consumers tend to get products in beautiful packages. It can assist, therefore, in developing brand awareness and stimulating sales.

  • Product Protection. The main point of having excellent packaging is securing the goods. When your merchandise is well-packaged, customers see this as a guarantee of quality.

  • Gift-Ready. Obviously, this is perfect for the Golden Week Holidays in China. The well-designed box emits a refined aura that resonates with the Chinese market.

  • Brand Awareness. With just one look, you’ll immediately recognize the brand color, hence making the packaging great for promotion and brand exposure.

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Brand Visibility: Fashion Merchandise Ideas

One of the best ways to deliver your brand's identity is through wearable fashion. Wearable in the sense that it can be used every day on almost any occasion without looking like a tasteless promotional item that anyone can get for free once they avail the product.

Integrating your brand in fashion can be a hit or miss, there's always this fine line between your merchandise looking like a valued gift or a tacky promo loot. The best approach to this is to be as subtle as possible while still keeping your brand's identity imminent in the merchandise.


Take this trucker cap we designed and made for the brand LWC.  Practical gifts like this have a higher tendency to be used by the customers, thus, increasing your brand's reach and visibility, pun intended. 

We at Merch & Effect consider several key elements when making a design. First, we take into consideration the color palette of the brand. Color palettes are easily recognizable and unique to the brand. In spite of the logo not standing out, these would carry the brand's identity. Another thing we consider is the materials that will be used to create our designs. Since we have limited space in this platform, we take into consideration what imagery we should prioritise and put on there. With this, we can come up with a practical, subtle, but brand-related item that will surely be appreciated by customers.

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Functional Merchandise: Insulated Bottles

According some surveys, a stainless steel became the most convenient and useful material for bottles. Your company will be one step ahead with these insulated bottles

It is not surprising that these bottles are used not only by travellers but also by ordinary people. Consists inside and outside of high-grade stainless steel without any glass. These branded bottles are the best practical choice for long-life drink ware because stainless steel is strong and impact resistant material.

Stainless steel is non-reactive with acidic beverages. This item provides a clean, neutral taste and won’t affect flavor or smell like other materials.

Matua 750mL Insulated Bottle.jpg

Why is it good idea to use this insulated bottle for your campaign?

Brand value. We would like to notice that stainless steel is safest material for food and drinks. These double wall branded stainless steel flasks are non-toxic and completely BPA free and do not contain any dangerous components. Take care of your customers and they will gratefully repay. By using these products for your campaign you can increase brand value.

Green marketing idea. Need to emphasise that these stainless steel items are 100% recyclable compare with glass, conventional plastics or compostable PLA plastic material used to make most other bottles. With this idea you can emphasise the environmentally-friendly policy of your company.

Enhances Brand Visibility.  Double wall branded stainless steel with vacuum insulated, keeps hot and cold all kinds of drinks for longer time. That’s why your customers will bring it to the job or use for walking in the park, or take to the gym, where everyone will see your brand logo printed on this gift.

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Functional Leather Merchandise: GWP Ideas For Travel Campaigns

This custom cable organizer is just what you need to maximize your promotional campaign. Small, yet very useful and customizable, we believe that it will be ideal for any project!  Functionality is so important when gifting.  We love the addition of magnets to these designs.

This unique promotional product will make a great gift with purchase for cellphone products and gadgets. Companies can also use branded cable organizers as corporate giveaways. Therefore, it’s flexible and can be used for various campaigns.

Designing your own custom cable organizer is fairly easy. With the right design and materials on hand, you’ll surely achieve great results.


Tips for Designing Your Own Custom Cable Organizer
Consider Functionality: It should be easy to use as people like products that would make their life more convenient. It’s perfect for home and office use. As such, more people will be able to see your brand.

Choosing a Design: Find a design that suit your campaign. You can use TV or movie characters for movie marketing, sports-related designs for sports promotions, or simply use your brand logo to enhance brand visibility. Notice that our example has simple design. It has ample space for printing brand visuals.

Preparing for The Campaign: Optimize your promotions by arranging a tech gift set. Pair up your custom cable organizer with a flash drive or power bank. With creative packaging you will have a wonderful gift set for your loyal customers! This will help boost brand recognition and strengthen customer loyalty.

Innovative Merchandise

Merchandise with Technology: Keyrings and USBs

When we think of creative and luxurious merchandise, we tend to think of something big and flashy. Sometimes, the greatest brand merchandise can come in something that can fit inside your pocket. In this digital age, most of our documents and files come in soft copies. Because of that, flash drives became quintessential tools. From sharing important soft copies of documents to sharing movies and music with friends, flash drives are convenient to have around.


Flash drives make great brand merchandise as people use them al the time. That means more exposure to your brand and an extended brand reach for a long time as long as the flash drive is used. They're one of the gifts that will never, ever  be considered cheap because of their function plus the fact that regular flash drives can cost a lot. It's one of those small things that leave a big impact, and a great tool to cement your brand's footing in its respective industry.