Creating Great Packaging for GWP in the Liquor Industry


Cardboard beverage Packaging benefits

Companies use cardboard as a prime source of packaging because of its affordability, recyclability and customisable nature.  For this reason Appleton Estate have used this material in their gift-set packaging. Cardboard is beneficial to their brand because:

Branding- Brands can use screen printing to customise cardboard. This feature has enabled Appleton Estate to apply their branding to the box. The message shown on the back of the box  benefits their brand by promoting- their belief in not drinking if you are pregnant, their production policy and their online store.

Design- The corrugation process of the cardboard has made it possible to Laminate the cardboard and therefore protect the packaging from moisture and dust. Similarly, the laser cutting made it possible to create distinct windows that outline the products on the packaging. This increases the product visibility for customers. Subsequently achieving greater customer attention.

The colour- The dark colour scheme is simple but effective. The black matte finish makes the product look classy.  Similarly, the white coloured font is bold as it contrasts against the black -making the labelling visually pleasing and easy to read.

Ways to Design Your Logo onto Your Custom Glass


There are many ways to transfer logos and designs onto your glass products and it is not limited to screen printing. Here are some of them;

  • Silk Screen Printing

  • Specialty Inks

  • Digital Printing

Here’s an overview of each printing techniques.

Silk Screen Printing

This is one of the most common and preferred printing methods by most manufacturers. The process is pretty straightforward and is cost-effective, so ideal for high volume projects. The design is stenciled onto the mesh and ink is applied onto the substrate with a squeegee. However, since you are printing on a cylindrical surface, extra care is needed to ensure that the designs are printed correctly.

Specialty Inks

With specialty inks, you can add texture and create amazing designs onto glasses and bottles. When cured, finished products may look as if the designs are embossed. You can also opt for metallic inks to give your products a luxurious and high-end feel.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing is ideal for printing full color artworks on drinking glasses. Manufacturers use state-of-the-art machines to ensure faster turnaround time for high volume projects. Using an inkjet printer that allows for printing on cylindrical objects, your vibrant designs will be printed on your drinking glasses with precision. Your custom logo glassware will come alive with crisp designs fast and easy. Moreover, with digital printing, you can print full-color designs. 

These are just some of the most commonly used techniques to logo your custom drinking glasses for promotions. To know which technique will work best for your products, you have to take into consideration the type of glass, your marketing budget, and the complexity of the designs. Speak with your manufacturer or designer to know your options.

Serving trays – Premium Products for your Partner Bars and Restaurants

Serving trays add additional levels of sophistication to parties or dinner events. They also allow for more food and drinks to be served at once. This gives greater efficiency to servers compared to just using.

Trays can come in a variety of designs – can custom manufacture from simple circular trays to the square rectangular trays with handles.

They can also be non slip with usage of materials such as felt, EVA foam base or rubberising sufaces, ensuring that items on the tray would not slip and fall off.


An example of a rectangular non-slip tray, one of the many available designs of trays

Serving trays can also be customized by shape or material to help suit the companies product positioning needs.  Some suggestions for manufacturing materials…

  1. Bamboo

  2. Leather

  3. Metal

  4. Plastic

  5. Wood (with felt)

  6. Inflatable material

Trays can be viewed as high perceived value depending on material and designs used, making it a versatile promotional tool.

Overall, as a premium item, the serving tray provides utility through better serving of food and drinks as well as long term direct advertising through printing of logo onto the base or sides of the tray. Its ability to be customized in terms of features and design makes it a great promotional product for companies to consider.


As part of their marketing scheme, Aperol Spritz is offering a promotional branded glass as a marketing giveaway. The branded glass is part of an in pack promo wherein customers will receive the promo gift every time they purchase the set.


What Makes This Promotional Branded Glass A Great Gift With Purchase?

Adds value – Getting something for free from your regular purchase creates a whole idea that you are making a worthwhile purchase. Thus, consumers love getting marketing gifts from their favourite brands. Furthermore, On pack gifts are a commonly used marketing scheme because the add-on entices shoppers to buy.

Boost sales – Customers are more likely to purchase products that offer promotional giveaways. Because the perceived value increases as brands offer add-ons, shoppers are more keen to buy those products that offer more value for money.

Practicality – Lastly, this on-pack merchandise goes well with the product being sold. And the great thing about branded glasses is that every time they are in use, it facilitates brand exposure.

What can Premium Packaging do for you?

Premium packaging design makes customers feel like a product’s price tag is worth it. This is true of liquor products where the liquid itself looks exactly like other brands. A marketing gift with purchase would also work well for this purpose.


Improved visibility: Custom drinks packaging design stands out ahead of competitors. This creates an initial point of contact with customers and leaves a lasting impression.

Awareness: Custom packaging is a visual interpretation of your message. Customers only need to see these boxes to see that Glen Grant positions itself as a premium and innovative brand. This alone is great advertising.

Uniqueness: Brands have seemingly endless options when it comes to packaging. Play around with texture, material and sizing. The options are endless! Above all, bear in mind what kind of packaging is a good match for your product and what your competitors are doing well.

Eco-Friendly Merchandise for Liquor Company Promotions

One of the biggest trends these days is using Eco Friendly Products. Why not consider a Eco-Friendly set for your Company Promotion? Giving this as a gift will show that you as a company care about the environment, plus you’re offering a very convenient set of merchandise to the receiver, that will come in handy and classy anywhere.


Why do we like this Eco Friendly Stationery Set for Company Promotion?

Unique but practical: The wooden finish and the clean, modern design of this Eco Friendly merchandise makes it a definite eye catcher. It makes it look more luxurious, and the receiver will definitely appreciate the gift. The items are square, so it’s very convenient to slip into your countertops.

Good promotional product: The options for customizing these products are limitless. The wood can easily be engraved with a company logo and the material can be darker or lighter depending on your preferences. Secondly, by having these items around at the bars and restaurants, the company will come across as eco-friendly and ethical.

Upholds brand reputation: As stated above, using this product in and around the office will send a message to other people that you care about the environment. Bamboo is a very sturdy material, so the items can be used for a long time to come.


Since Liquor brands are high-end, the packaging should also reflect the quality of the product. And Vindana achieved this. As you can see from the photo, the box packaging has a simple and modern aura that is sure to attract a seasoned enthusiast.


We also love how they kept the drinks packaging design simple. With only the brand name printed on the box, it keeps the overall feel neat and classy. However, the brand didn’t have its own POS display. A custom designed retail display would have made the brand even more visually appealing.

Why You Need to Have A Custom-Made Wine Packaging Design?

Establish Identity: High quality packaging adds value to your product, which is crucial if you want to establish your own brand identity. The more sophisticated the packaging is, the better your reputation becomes.

Influence Buying Decisions: Shoppers are naturally drawn to attractive products. Great designs equal quality. As such, having a custom-made wine packaging would definitely help shoppers decide whether to purchase your product.

Custom Barrels for Premium Liquor Brands--- Wine Merchandise

re you looking for something original and different from the classical bottle openers or steins? Have a look at this wine merch idea, this barrel is going to make your customers wanting to enjoy that glass of wine.

Indeed if you work in this field you should know that wine is probably the most widely consumed and oldest alcoholic drink in the world. Its popularity also places third, only after water and tea. What does it mean? Large market for wine industry but at the same time high competitiveness. Hence we would like to provide you with ideas necessary to stand out from the crowd with innovative and unique products like this wine promo idea.


Why is this a good wine promo idea?

Increased perceived value: The wine promo idea doesn’t look like a cheap and common promo item, but as a well-built and quality item that will increase the perceived value of your customers. The barrel is perceived as an exclusive wine tower that add an extra worth to having a drink. That is the consumers will get a perfect temperature wine with a cool barrel dispenser.

Customer retention: Unless you distinguish yourself for the wine itself only, it is a good idea to aim to offer something characteristic that make people curious and give them a reason to choose your brand against another. This wine promo idea could be that peculiarity for which people are willing to order your wine and keep doing it.

Advertising: The barrel has a very large area for branding but also advertising or custom designs. Ideal to be displayed in restaurants, pubs, at events and so on. Moreover, if you make sure the barrel to be used exclusively with your wine brand, people will pay more attention to your company and if they like the idea they will spread the word, of you offering a perfect combination of wine and peculiar barrel shape dispenser.

LAUNCHING SOON: New and Innovative Belt Kit

We have developed a product that helps anyone be connected with what they put on their waists. Same as to our diet, there is a sense of achievement within ourselves whenever we cook our own food which helps us eat healthy and lose weight; a common therapeutic effect on DIY activities. A belt is a subtle piece of fashion most people take for granted, but only few know its effect in balancing your whole outfit which is why these people are serious with their belts.



The THEORY belt is a kit that’s easy to use for anyone who wants to create their own premium quality belt. A fully customised piece of fashion made by your own hands which can definitely elevate your confidence as you pair it with your wardrobe.

Genuine Leather for DIY Therapy: The THEORY BELT


A study has been conducted which proves the positive effect of crafting to the human brain. Whenever someone engages into crafting, there is an increase of dopamine production within our bodies which improve our mood and disposition. Crafting also improves how we feel about performing particular tasks. According to a CNN report, Psychologists believe a strong sense of self-efficacy is key to how we approach new challenges and overcome disappointments in life.

Engaging in crafting is also unique in its ability to involve many different areas of your brain. It can work your memory and attention span while involving your visuospatial processing, creative side and problem-solving abilities. Through our THEORY DIY Belt, your mind and personality can highly benefit more than your wardrobe; now that’s getting more than what you’ve paid for. It is a perfect activity for aging individuals to engage in as it activates different types of neurons left untapped as we get older; a great exercise for the mind to improve our mental and physical state for the long run.

Theory DIY.jpg

We guarantee that our THEORY DIY Belt will last many many years and can still retain the beauty you have crafted with your bare hands.We only include the best Genuine Leather in our kits backed by the experience of the pioneering tanneries that have been in this industry for over 8 years. With this project, we aim to make every man appreciate the craftsmanship than goes into making a subtle piece of fashion. The project hopes to elevate our level of quality when it comes to picking out the best belt for our wardrobe while reaping the emotional benefits to be earned in creating it yourself.

THEORY DIY Belt aims to improve what is on the inside more than the outside. For a healthier mind amidst the fast-paced modern world; now that’s a fashion statement we should all live with.