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Classy Merchandise: Champagne Glasses with Premium Design

How does offering an on pack promotion help?

In every marketing effort, uniqueness makes a company stand out from the competitors. This unique quality can be derived from either your brand, or the quality of your gift. If you can offer a gift that is complimentary to the product you are selling, it enhances the value of the purchase. This gives more reason for customers to purchase. This is seen with the champagne glasses Sterling Vineyards is offering as their on pack promotion.

sterling glass.jpg

Glasses and Cups are considered a commonly offered on pack promotion gift, this is for multiple reasons.

Firstly, with low production cost makes this on pack promotion gift a highly sought after one. Therefore, companies that don’t have much budget would most likely take up this promotion. Of course with a higher quality product, the gift can reflect the high quality. In the case of Sterling Vineyards, you can offer high quality glasses free with purchase of a bottle.

Glasses are easy to manufacture and design. This allows a great range of customisability for various marketing campaigns or themes. These products also have excellent branding potential, as Sterling Vineyards has shown through their on pack promotion, you can place your brand on the side of the glass.

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GWP Merchandise: Customisable Liquor Products for Campaigns and Events

Whether you’re off to a picnic, BBQ, party or going camping this summer, customisable bottle openers are an essential item to take. The following unique range of bottle openers have been customised for leading beer giants, Corona, Heineken, Stella Artois and Budweiser. These excellent branded gifts would be ideal to give to customers for a summer drinks promotion.



Why are customisable bottle openers beneficial for a drinks promotion?

Eye-Catching Design: With the drinks market being a highly competitive one, it is important to make sure your brand stands out. These eye-catching designs will attract customers old and new, consequently stimulating sales. They also make a great collectible for beer lovers.

Practical: Other than their appealing designs, these simple yet practical products can be easily carried around and used at your own convenience.                                                                                
Brand exposure: Showing your logo on a product leads to an increase of brand awareness. Thus, it can be viewed by anyone once exposed, making them curious about what other products are on offer.

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Marketing Strategy: Maximising Investment using Corporate Gifts

If you are looking into maximising your marketing budget this year, then you should invest in corporate gifts! Most people like to get things organized to welcome the beginning of the year. This is why everybody always have a new year resolution. Help your clients and business partners to get organized. A thoughtful gift is always appreciated far more than its actual value.

Penfolds Document Bag.jpg

This gift is highly customizable. You have many options on colour and material. PU can be a very good material for this if leather is too luxurious for the target audience. Having a large surface area, you can choose to brand it prominently or subtly. You can even customize the finishing. Try using foil stamping to make your brand more visible.

Using Marketing Budget Optimally
Corporate gifts can strengthen your brand image and your ties with your partners. It also increases brand awareness. It is a form of subtle investment. Using your marketing budget for corporate gifts will enforce brand recall and hopefully generate more collaborations.

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Affordable Merchandise: Retractable Pens from KGSC

Premium corporate pens are one of the most favoured items to market your brand. They are an easy, simple and effective way to spread brand awareness and exposure by adding your logo to the design. As premium gift items, they are great choices to give away to clients, to keep around the office or at a restaurant, and to keep handy at reception desks.

KGSC Pen.jpg


How can premium pens be useful for your brand promotions?

Design. Pens can come in all shapes and sizes and it is important to design a pen that will continue to represent your brand even after a long time. People always have pens lying around and good looking and comfortable pens will always be chosen first.

Brand Potential. High quality pens are easy to increase your branding as they can be printed with your brand logo. If your pen is good, people are more likely to associate your brand with making items that have given them a positive experience.

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Visual Merchandising: Custom Designs for Functional GWPs

A bottle stopper is a nice product to use as GWP. Because of the size and weight of the product, it is compact and suitable for many types of industries. If you are dealing in food and beverage industry, perhaps as a winemaker or a restaurant, this product would be a really cool premium product. Bottle stoppers are very simple and convenient accessories for wine lovers, bartenders and wine collectors alike to saver the aromas of wine, and keep its taste ripe.

This is why we suggest this iceberg-shaped bottle stopper to add a twist and cheer to your collection of wine accessories.

Why is this wine stopper a great merchandise idea?

  • Practical. This wine stopped can be use multiple ways making it a very convenient item to have. People love receiving items that they can use.

  • Brand awareness. This item can be used and placed on any item and any place leaving plenty of chance to expose and interest other people.

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Innovative Merchandise: Mobile Bars for Events

POS Marketing is among the most effective ways available to advertise and support your product directly at the source. Be it to promote an event or attract on-lookers with inflatable arch or simply increase brand fidelity and visibility with badges, magnet or mascots, POS marketing will do the job for you provided you pick the most effective tool for it.

This concept of a mobile bar for Patron Tequila is a practical way of getting your brand mobility and visibility going at the same time. An item like this will have a good niche in private functions and a number of public events and concerts where your products can be sold or sampled directly to your target market.


Reasons to use mobile bars for your campaign:

  • Large branding area. A Mobile Bar provides you with opportunity to place your logo, slogan, more information about the product, something interesting about the way of production, terms of promo campaign and of course, your product itself. So this is the best way to communicate with customer.

  • Fully custom. Mobile Bars are fully customisable and available in any shape, size and printing. They are great to attract customer’s attention thanks to catching-eyes design and big size of promo stand.

  • Brand value. Being a tool for a bright and memorable promotion, Mobile Bars make your brand big and more important in customer eyes.

  • Boost your sales. A Mobile Bar is one of the most significant forces of trade . It is always good to install it in store or at the entrance of supermarket or shopping mall. This will motivate customers to impulsive buying.

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Merchandise Ideas: Unique and Iconic Headphones

Excellent idea for your brand placement: High-end Headphones. Do you see how featureless print “wireless headphones” can be perfectly replaced by your corporate logo? We definitely do. That is why we advice you to choose this very product for your marketing campaign.

High-end headphones like the ones in this blog boast extraordinary sound, build quality, and comfort for music lovers. With impressively clear accuracy, their sound profile tones are hard to resist.

A great variety of business should consider the implementation of this  promotional idea: a recording studio, music store, electronic music production and DJ school, any store selling techniques. They can be used as present, given with purchase over a certain amount of money, or as a giveaway in the honor of your company’s anniversary, or for internal marketing, as a holiday gift to your best employees.

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Merchandising Strategies: Outdoor Advertising with Function

Widely used by many companies, outdoor umbrellas are a popular way for establishing brand awareness – People normally gain a strong initial impression based on what they see.


Outdoor umbrellas can be used in conjunction with POS displays like outdoor banners or marketing flags.  They can be combined with complete outdoor entertainment supplies packaged along with beer tables, mobile kiosks or kitchens, giant mascots etc.

Merch and Effect is able to fully customise such umbrellas to suit your event- from a simple one, to one that is complex looking. Moreover, it is an ideal surface for large photo-quality graphics to be displayed.

Such umbrella is able to attract people, building on a focal point for your business in the most commonly crowded places.

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Functional Merchandising: Leather Laptop Bags from Asahi

 One of the best things about laptop bags as merchandise is that they make great giveaways for both men and women. Also, they are useful for people in a range of ages. Another advertising benefit of using premium laptop bags in your business is the fact that these bags will have a lasting effect on your business because most people will use these bags again and again. A high-quality  laptop bag is certain to be used, and become a very effective advertisement tool for your company.


One of the best products for liquor businesses are classy bags. Most companies that sell things put those items into bags. Some companies put their items in plastic bags, some in shopping bags and some in paper bags. The latest trend even has some businesses offering reusable shopping bags to help save the environment by using them over and over again.

This gift with purchase provides a unique advertising opportunity for your business, especially if you are located in a shopping mall or shopping center, where you know that your customers are going to not only shop at your store, but at other places in that same shopping area. Moreover, this attracts customers to spend more money to be able to get this premium laptop bag for free.

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Premium Merchandising: Classy Powerbanks from Wolf Blass

Premium Powerbanks are common marketing gifts, often given away for free at events or given as incentive products for gifts with purchase. Therefore these products offer the perfect opportunity for Brand Activation.

Both objects are commonly used, no computer user is without such a USB stick; where as in our increasingly connected world, people are realizing the importance of a portable powerbank. These objects provide the perfect opportunity for brand activation and increase customer awareness of your brand.


Powerbanks can be customized into any shape, with flexibility in the ability to highlight your particular company’s brand design. Artistic fusion and integration with your brand serves many purposes. It increases productivity, efficiency, though most importantly people enjoy decorations.

Designs to be used to help with brand activation can be various, choosing eye catching and original designs will appeal to potential customers. The more unique the design, the more a potential customer is likely to remember your brand and use your premium merchandise, thereby helping with your brand activation.

In summary, the best use of premium Powerbanks in brand activation is by offering those that have been specially designed. Merely offering a generic unoriginal product nowadays is not enough to market your brand and achieve brand activation.

Focusing on eye catching and original designs or designs that play to the strength of your brand are imperative when achieving brand activation.