LAUNCHING SOON: New and Innovative Belt Kit

We have developed a product that helps anyone be connected with what they put on their waists. Same as to our diet, there is a sense of achievement within ourselves whenever we cook our own food which helps us eat healthy and lose weight; a common therapeutic effect on DIY activities. A belt is a subtle piece of fashion most people take for granted, but only few know its effect in balancing your whole outfit which is why these people are serious with their belts.



The THEORY belt is a kit that’s easy to use for anyone who wants to create their own premium quality belt. A fully customised piece of fashion made by your own hands which can definitely elevate your confidence as you pair it with your wardrobe.

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Liquor Boxes: A Premium Bonus to your Classy Merchandise

Boxes have been around for a while now and remain widely popular, providing trendy yet simple packaging, for a large variety of products. Drinks companies, especially Spirits brands, are using this packaging widely.

Liquor Boxes exist in various shapes and forms and we can customise them easily for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors through innovative designs.

M&E_Sterling Packaging2.jpg

Are you ready for Box Packaging?
These high end boxes are usually made of metals, synonymous with durability, strength and character, further reinforcing the image of the brand.  Champagne brands are however increasingly using Strong Cardboard and even Neoprene.

Classy and refined artwork is on the mould and printed onto the box, to obtain that ideal packaging look not solely for alcohol but for a large variety of products.

Innovative Merchandise

Trending Innovative Merchandise: Premium Juice Dispenser

Here is an innovative marketing idea for all companies in the drinks and healthy living industry that are wanting to promote the lifestyle and diet associated with their brand. In addition to this, companies that sell blenders can use this product to initiate brand activation or keep their current customers interested by a new method to the juicing process.


Why This is a Great Marketing Idea:

  •  Multipurpose – This product has two functions, a filtered water bottle section at the top to store water conveniently while filtering at the mouth piece to offer a great and purer taste. On the bottom part of the bottle it has a built in juicer that allows you to freshly squeeze your own fruit into the bottle to make an unprocessed, all naturally flavoured drink. Even if you don’t want to drink it with water, it offers the opportunity to have just fruit or mixed fruit.
  • Customisable – This marketing idea is flexible with both colour scheme and branding. With a bottle there is plenty of space to place a logo, whether it be on the lid or on the side, there is great freedom in setting its location. additionally it is as flexible with the colouring offering a variation in colour potential.
  • Creative – With very few products like this out there, it is innovative and unique, standing out from other companies and attracting customers just through being interested in what it does.

GWP Ideas, Innovative Merchandise

Classy Merchandise: Wine Stoppers as Premium Collectibles

A bottle stopper is a nice product to use as GWP. Because of the size and weight of the product, it is compact and suitable for many types of industries. If you are dealing in food and beverage industry, perhaps as a winemaker or a restaurant, this product would be a really cool premium product. Bottle stoppers are very simple and convenient accessories for wine lovers, bartenders and wine collectors alike to saver the aromas of wine, and keep its taste ripe.

This is why we suggest this vacuum seal bottle stopper to add a twist and cheer to your collection of wine accessories.

TWE-90+Club Vacuum Seal 2.jpg

Why is this wine stopper a great merchandise idea?

Practical. This wine stopped can be use multiple ways making it a very convenient item to have. People love receiving items that they can use.
Brand awareness. This item can be used and placed on any item and any place leaving plenty of chance to expose and interest other people.

Flashdrive Key Rings for GWP Merchandise

When we think of creative and luxurious merchandise, we tend to think of something big and flashy. Sometimes, the greatest brand merchandise can come in something that can fit inside your pocket. In this digital age, most of our documents and files come in soft copies. Because of that, flash drives became quintessential tools. From sharing important soft copies of documents to sharing movies and music with friends, flash drives are convenient to have around.

Icon USB.jpg

Flash drives make great brand merchandise as people use them al the time. That means more exposure to your brand and an extended brand reach for a long time as long as the flash drive is used. They're one of the gifts that will never, ever  be considered cheap because of their function plus the fact that regular flash drives can cost a lot. It's one of those small things that leave a big impact, and a great tool to cement your brand's footing in its respective industry.

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Premium Merchandise: Tasting Kits for your Liquor Brand

A nice whiskey campaign requires some nice packaging as well. No company would hand them over like normal bottles. Give a look at this new packaging designs for your liquor marketing campaigns. All of them come in the same material and similar shape but in different types of wood and styles

Drink Italian Tasting Kit.jpg

Why would these liquor packs be effective promo items?

Higher perceived value: The clean and well-finished design and the materials used for the boxes and the bottle of liquor makes the promo gift seem not cheap at all. The customer will feel like receiving an important gift and consequently adopt a different approach towards your brand.
Branding: The logo on top of the box is a perfect example of branding. However, not only the box can be branded but the packaging of the bottle as well. Your name will be visible in every glass and single merchandise.
Custom: The design can be changed and made custom, it is possible to use other materials, apply different closing methods, compose personalised sets and so on. The possibilities for customisation are infinite.

GWP Ideas

Effective Merchandise: Communicating with your Merchandise

Branded Tote Bags is yet another remarkable example of a great advertising product. It can be of vast variety and different materials to suit the needs of the customers. These bags offer a sufficient advertising space to print a logo on and might serve as a perfect summer or fall season gift with the purchase.

When summer is almost over and summer sales reached its peak, what can be better to stimulate people to shop than a free giveaway?

LWC Tote Bag.jpg

Why are Tote Bags a Great Advertising Product?
Branded Tote Bags are beneficial for both customers as they are able to use them daily and for brands. As they can promote their new products or build brand awareness.

Depending on the material branded tote bags are made of, it might carry different advertising message. For instance, Woven Tote Bags can help to promote the brand as an eco-friendly and create positive attitude toward the brand. It is especially important now, when being ‘green’ is trendy and is highly praised by society. Plastic Tote Bags can be promoted as practical and long-lasting items and it would be especially beneficial, if it goes hand-in-hand with the image of the company. Thus following the consistency of the message.

Appealing design, bright color or a ‘catchy’ message on the Branded Tote Bags are also of high importance as they can influence the perception of the customers and the way they evaluate the product.

To sum up, Branded Tote Bags are great as an advertising product as they can be used effectively for promotion purposes, rise brand awareness and positive brand attitude, All this benefits at the fraction of the cost.

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Outdoor Merchandise: Premium Knife Sets as GWP

A  knife set is a great product to give away to customers as corporate gift. Knives are seen as innovative products, improving the culinary experience of your customers. They are much more efficient in some ways then conventional knives.


Ceramic Knife Set Product

In the set there is a Chef knife, a carving knife, a utility knife and a paring knife. Each set can be completely customizable with different types of knife sizes and with different number of knives per set. Some knife sets can be made for two-three products or more. The knifes pictures here have a rubber handle, this can be changed in terms of color or material, possible to have a wooden material to have a more classic knife look. The knife set can also come in a box set instead of a stand, the stand will be more practical for kitchen use.

All of these products are entirely customizable as mentioned above. A logo or brand name can easily be printed on the handle or on the blade. It is also possible to print a logo or your company‘s name on the acrylic stand on the glass part and on the cover of the box set. All of these placements offer great layout to print logos and brand names. This is a great product to offer as a promotional product or for a GWP campaign. This kind of ceramic knife set can be offered with the purchase of a new fridge, a dishwasher or any kitchen appliances.

Innovative Merchandise

Innovative and Classy Liquor Merchandise: Whisky Stones

When it comes to the world of business, appreciating the loyalty of your customers is important. Giving gifts along with your products will make customers happy to receive them and will ultimately boost sales. If you run a food or drinks company than maybe the idea of an appreciation gift set will appeal to you.

The stones are ideal for drinking whisky as they help to keep them refreshingly cool, without the need for ice cubes. One benefit of not having ice is that you’ll be purely enjoying the taste of the whisky without it being diluted.


Why are whisky stones and glasses ideal for an appreciation gift set?

No need for ice.
After putting the stones in the fridge for around 1-2 hours, it’s ready to be used. It will keep the whisky cold for a longer duration and not dilute the drink.

It contains nontoxic chilling gel.
The whisky stones and glasses contain effective but nontoxic chilling gel. This explains why it can keep whisky colder for longer than ice cubes. In addition, at the ODM Group we can guarantee that the resources we use are are food grade safe.

Whisky stones and glasses are rust proof.
Whisky stones and glasses can last for years due to the fact that they are rust proof.

Whisky stones and glass have anti-bacterial properties.
Aside from the whisky stones and glass being rust proof, they also contain anti-bacterial properties to guarantee that your drinks are clean. Also, they do not to retain the taste or scent of any type of drink no matter how concentrated they are. So if you wish to try a wide variety of beverages, then you don’t have to worry about this aspect.


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Innovating your Next Brand Merchandise: Consumer Retention Ideas

One of the key aspects of marketing is to include different strategies like giveaways or premium gifts where clients will leave your local shop happily knowing that the brand really cares about them. This will enable us to build better customer relationships and boost our brand awareness as our marketing strategies can be as creative as we want and imprint our logo without any problems.

Marketing gifts are merchandise produced for marketing programs which often result to companies giving away products in order to promote and improve the brand's image. Marketing gifts are a fantastic strategy in order to increase brand awareness and recognition, leaving a positive impression for potential consumers.

Benefits of Implementing Marketing Gifts

A Marketing Gift brings many benefits to your company:

Strengthens Loyalty - When customers receive a gift, their previewed image of that company will undoubtedly increase. This in turn will increase customer retention, an important long-term benefit.

Effective Advertising - Customers would love to show off their gifts, particularly this case of a good quality mason jar. As a result, this will create a large influx of positive word-of-mouth advertising, a truly essential and silent way of marketing brands.

Increased Awareness - By creating a marketing gift with the brand logo printed on it, this will be seen by the eyes of other potential consumers when in use. Therefore, will spread the word of the brand and eventually lead to new and valuable customers.

Increased Sales and Profit - Ultimately the above benefits will combine together in the long-run to help increase sales and overall profit.