Genuine Leather for DIY Therapy: The THEORY BELT


A study has been conducted which proves the positive effect of crafting to the human brain. Whenever someone engages into crafting, there is an increase of dopamine production within our bodies which improve our mood and disposition. Crafting also improves how we feel about performing particular tasks. According to a CNN report, Psychologists believe a strong sense of self-efficacy is key to how we approach new challenges and overcome disappointments in life.

Engaging in crafting is also unique in its ability to involve many different areas of your brain. It can work your memory and attention span while involving your visuospatial processing, creative side and problem-solving abilities. Through our THEORY DIY Belt, your mind and personality can highly benefit more than your wardrobe; now that’s getting more than what you’ve paid for. It is a perfect activity for aging individuals to engage in as it activates different types of neurons left untapped as we get older; a great exercise for the mind to improve our mental and physical state for the long run.

Theory DIY.jpg

We guarantee that our THEORY DIY Belt will last many many years and can still retain the beauty you have crafted with your bare hands.We only include the best Genuine Leather in our kits backed by the experience of the pioneering tanneries that have been in this industry for over 8 years. With this project, we aim to make every man appreciate the craftsmanship than goes into making a subtle piece of fashion. The project hopes to elevate our level of quality when it comes to picking out the best belt for our wardrobe while reaping the emotional benefits to be earned in creating it yourself.

THEORY DIY Belt aims to improve what is on the inside more than the outside. For a healthier mind amidst the fast-paced modern world; now that’s a fashion statement we should all live with.

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Marketing Strategy: Maximising Investment using Corporate Gifts

If you are looking into maximising your marketing budget this year, then you should invest in corporate gifts! Most people like to get things organized to welcome the beginning of the year. This is why everybody always have a new year resolution. Help your clients and business partners to get organized. A thoughtful gift is always appreciated far more than its actual value.

Penfolds Document Bag.jpg

This gift is highly customizable. You have many options on colour and material. PU can be a very good material for this if leather is too luxurious for the target audience. Having a large surface area, you can choose to brand it prominently or subtly. You can even customize the finishing. Try using foil stamping to make your brand more visible.

Using Marketing Budget Optimally
Corporate gifts can strengthen your brand image and your ties with your partners. It also increases brand awareness. It is a form of subtle investment. Using your marketing budget for corporate gifts will enforce brand recall and hopefully generate more collaborations.

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Gentlemen's Merchandise: Premium Cufflinks

Looking for the perfect gentleman’s fashion accessory? Cufflinks could be the ideal product for you.  Cufflinks symbolise professionalism in white collar business.  For service industry professionals, complete your staff uniforms just as you would with lapel pins to take presentation up a notch.

Asahi Cufflink 1.jpg

Perfect for premium incentive or targeted promotions, cufflinks allow you to showcase your corporate logo with style.  Cufflinks offer a large variety of choice in term of materials include

  • Glass
  • Crystal
  • Enamel
  • Onyx
  • Textiles
  • Stainless
  • Precious Metal
  • Leather

Details imprinting Method

Printing / Engraving / Enamel / Embossing.
Being highly customisable in terms of aesthetics, material or shape,  it is a very good product to be given in either corporate or promotional purposes.  If the gift is not directed toward customers, cufflinks can be a great way for new employees to feel part of the company. Why not include then in welcome packs for employees or supporters for sports teams?

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Affordable Merchandise: Retractable Pens from KGSC

Premium corporate pens are one of the most favoured items to market your brand. They are an easy, simple and effective way to spread brand awareness and exposure by adding your logo to the design. As premium gift items, they are great choices to give away to clients, to keep around the office or at a restaurant, and to keep handy at reception desks.

KGSC Pen.jpg


How can premium pens be useful for your brand promotions?

Design. Pens can come in all shapes and sizes and it is important to design a pen that will continue to represent your brand even after a long time. People always have pens lying around and good looking and comfortable pens will always be chosen first.

Brand Potential. High quality pens are easy to increase your branding as they can be printed with your brand logo. If your pen is good, people are more likely to associate your brand with making items that have given them a positive experience.

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Functional POS Displays: Branded Umbrellas for Events

The takeaway point from this promotion is that a concept will work anywhere if you set the mood first. Whether you place these items in an expo or a supermarket, the customers will perceive them similarly. 


What’s great about the branded garden umbrella?

Design: Indeed, they make the drinks promo look very vibrant, which ties in well with their summer theme and adapts to Aperol's aim to be the life of every party. Moreover, with clear branding on the customized deck chairs and umbrella, this will make your brand more memorable and raise brand awareness.

Practical: These products are functional items that people can sit on and use. Although POS displays are popular marketing tools these day, Aperol's strategy gives consumers a nice experience.

High quality: The wooden and metal frames used to build the promo items seem very sturdy and long lasting. Also, the logos and images have gone through full-color printing, based on how sharp they look. Particularly when you are offering a high-end product, you want to make sure that this also reflects in your promotional items.


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Premium Marketing Products: Increasing Brand Awareness

Many brands look for marketing innovations and new ways to speed up and smoothen operations, and this for sure is one of them. Let’s hope though that these incorporations of technology do not catalyst losses of jobs and instead stick to the current trend of creating new ones.

AH Tray.jpg

Why offer premium marketing products?

Promotional products that exude class and luxury are bound to leave a lasting impression on your clients! It also helps to portray a positive image that your brand is generous in rewarding the customers.


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In-Store Merchandise: Sunglasses by Jim Beam

In store marketing gifts are great to raise the sales of your products in a short time and without big and expensive marketing campaigns. 

How can custom sunglasses help in raising your sales?

Custom sunglasses are fantastic promotional products. When you use them as an on pack gift like this, you will influence the consumer in his buying behavior directly in the store. This way you can raise your sales and increase your product recognition.

If you want to use custom sunglasses to reach as many potential customers as possible and therefore increase your brand’s awareness, it’s best to give branded sunglasses away as free giveaway.

Another amazing way to use custom sunglasses is to offer them with your logo printed on the cover as branded merchandise in your shops or in your online store.


In general, custom sunglasses are fantastic promotional items. They offer a great branding area on the cover to print whatever you want on them. It’s easy to print your logo, your artwork or your products on it. Besides, they are also available in many different materials and colors.

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Affordable and Functional: Premium Leather Merchandise

Everyone wants to offer premium products in order to stand out from their competitors. Leather promotional products are considered as a premium product. However, there are so many different types and forms of leather, what are the differences between them? 

Genuine leather and artificial leather

Leather can be split into two broad categories, genuine and artificial. Artificial leather is often made of PU or PVC. Genuine leather is made from animal skin. Prices vary greatly for these two types of leather. A PU leather bi-fold wallet costs approximately 8USD while a genuine leather bi-fold wallet costs approximately 30 USD. Hence, it can be inferred that genuine leather costs about 4 times of artificial leather.


The different types of genuine leather

Genuine leather can be further classified based on its type and form. In this blog, I would be discussing on the 4 most common types of leather: full grain, top grain, corrected grain and split leather.

Full grain leather is leather that has imperfections and natural marks on it. The hide has not been sanded, buffed or snuffed. Being completely natural, full grain leather has much fiber strength and durability. Full grain leather also has more breathability, resulting in less moisture. This leather is normally used for high quality furniture and in footwear.

Top grain leather is the most common type of leather used in high end products. It is the second-highest quality of leather. Top grain leather is thinner than full grain leather as its split layer has been separated away. After sanding and applying a finishing coat, top grain leather has less breathability. A benefit of top grain leather over full grain leather is that it has a greater resistance to stains so long as the finish remains unbroken.

Corrected grain leather is leather with artificial grain applied to its surface. Imperfections are first sanded off and artificial grains then impressed into the surface. Most corrected grain leather is used to make pigmented leather. This helps to hide the corrections and imperfections.

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Brand Marketing: Canvas Backpacks for Harness

Incorporating gift with purchase items is great not just for the consumers, but also for the business owners. However, doing this for every product that comes out of the warehouse is not advisable. If that happens, then they will lose the element of surprise that people love.


This premium gift stands out greatly because of the following:

Unique Design. Its unique design presents exclusivity that is related to the main business.This promotional item would definitely catch the eyes of all hunters.

Very Practical. Durable backpacks are practical and suitable when working. Professionals will not need to carry various bags for their stuff if they have a good-sized backpack. Hence, this promotional product would come to great use. Customers might also switch to this brand just to get hold of the promotional merchandise.

Great for Brand Placement. The backpack is like a huge canvas for brand marketing and advertising. For this reason, the gift with purchase can nicely exhibit how high-quality the brand’s products are.

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Merchandising Techniques: Identifying Unique Selling Points

A unique selling point is a concept that differentiates yourself from your competitors. It can be applied to promotional products or even to a business as a whole.   Also known as Unique Selling Proposition, this term refers to a feature or benefit that separates your products from anyone else. Such as offering at lower prices, creative design, extra functions etc.

The main advantage of USP: Attract potential clients.

USP focus on points like slogans, packaging and also brand recognition. With so many similar products and services in the market, Merch and Effect always finds creative merchandise solutions for a more distinct and iconic way your brand can be introduced to the market.

How can a customised leather compendium be an effective USP?

Premium Quality and Novelty. Unique features like special designs and materials would allow the customers to be attracted to the brand even more. According to every campaign’s budget, you can consider using real leather or PU for the external cover.  It is vital for every company since such strong brand recall can certainly help in brand awareness and brand image.