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LAUNCHING SOON: New and Innovative Belt Kit

We have developed a product that helps anyone be connected with what they put on their waists. Same as to our diet, there is a sense of achievement within ourselves whenever we cook our own food which helps us eat healthy and lose weight; a common therapeutic effect on DIY activities. A belt is a subtle piece of fashion most people take for granted, but only few know its effect in balancing your whole outfit which is why these people are serious with their belts.



The THEORY belt is a kit that’s easy to use for anyone who wants to create their own premium quality belt. A fully customised piece of fashion made by your own hands which can definitely elevate your confidence as you pair it with your wardrobe.

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Liquor Boxes: A Premium Bonus to your Classy Merchandise

Boxes have been around for a while now and remain widely popular, providing trendy yet simple packaging, for a large variety of products. Drinks companies, especially Spirits brands, are using this packaging widely.

Liquor Boxes exist in various shapes and forms and we can customise them easily for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors through innovative designs.

M&E_Sterling Packaging2.jpg

Are you ready for Box Packaging?
These high end boxes are usually made of metals, synonymous with durability, strength and character, further reinforcing the image of the brand.  Champagne brands are however increasingly using Strong Cardboard and even Neoprene.

Classy and refined artwork is on the mould and printed onto the box, to obtain that ideal packaging look not solely for alcohol but for a large variety of products.

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Trending Innovations: Unique Bottle Stopper as Merchandise

Remember how often that bottle of wine was left unfinished after a family dinner? Well look no more with this cool promotional wine stopper with combination lock! Some of us are forced pour out wine, as we all know that after the opening of a bottle we can’t insert into the wine cork successfully. Others are trying to replace the cork with paper items or other material.

Why we advise you to use this promotional wine stopper for your promotional campaign?
Increase purchased value. It is can be given as gift with purchase, which is such a good marketing idea for the wine and drinks industries. It boosts lots of opportunity to increase sells as no one will want to lose the chance of getting this unique and useful wine stopper with a twist.


Practicality. The good quality of this product makes this wine bottle stopper an excellent idea due to its long product life-span. This will make the perfect bar equipment promotional idea for drinks and alcohol companies. The bottom part of the stopper can also be pushed inside the top base for perfect storage!

Brand value. Most of us rarely drink alcohol alone, more often we drink at some parties with our friends or with guests and our families. Because it is different a huge amount of people could see this uniquely designed product and will provide your company or brand with word mouth advertising.

Innovative Merchandise

Trending Merchandise: Innovative GWP for Whiskey Brands

Never thought that you were drinking more ice water than the actual beverage? Gift your customers with some promo whiskey stones and a proper glass of bourbon.

Whiskey stones – solid cubes made of either stone or stainless steel – offer the benefit of keeping your drink cold without diluting it. Many prefer to use them over ice cubes because they don’t melt, are odorless and tasteless, and have a more prolonged cooling effect. All this means the customer will be able to enjoy his or her drink in a whiskey glass without any alteration of taste or smell.

Unplugged_Chill Stones.jpg

Nonetheless, excellent promo whiskey stones require equally nice packaging. No company would hand them over like ordinary rocks, for sure. Just look at the new packaging designs for promo whiskey cubes here above.

Why would these promo whiskey stones be effective promo items?
Higher perceived value: The clean and well-finished design and the materials used for the boxes and the cubes make the promo gift seem not cheap at all. The customer will feel like they’re receiving a significant present and may consequently adopt a different approach towards your brand.
Branding: The logo on top of the box is a perfect example of branding. However, not only the box can be branded but the promo whiskey stones as well. Your name can be visible in every glass and single stone cube.
Custom: The design can also be customized. It is possible to use other materials, apply different closing methods, compose personalized sets, and so on. The possibilities are infinite.
Are you looking for a high-end or basic promo whiskey stones set? It is a great idea that suits purchase with purchase and gift with purchase campaigns.

GWP Ideas

Marketing Strategies: Using Merchandise for POS Visibility

With thousands of different wine merchandise and wine varieties to choose from in an already saturated industry, it can be hard for wine brands to stand out to their potential customers that past their brand everyday.

A regular customer who is perhaps not as familiar with wine as an expert, will at times find it different to know which wine is best to choose from on the shelf. A wine campaign that has an on-pack freebie gift or has a price promotion is more attractive to purchase over others, or to at least to try. And these wine promo stirrers are the perfect free gift to complement your wine, especially when enjoyed with ice!



Wine gifts and how can they increase your product sales?

Brand value. Customers love receiving free gifts no matter how small, and they will always make the customer exhibit a more positive experience when buying your product, which is more likely for them to return.
Branding potential. Small wine promo gifts such as this stirrer, are useful when making and mixing drinks. Stirrers especially can be custom packaged, shaped, coloured and can be made to feature cool designs that show off your brand.
Incentive product. With a free wine gift attached that matches your wine brand, it acts as a great incentive to make customers try out your brand. This type of wine campaign could be the marketing tool that will successfully push the client to try and buy your product. In general it’s a great way to get a stronger foothold in the market.

Innovative Merchandise

Premium Marketing Products: Cuff Links as a Corporate Gift

Bored of pens, mugs or name card holders as corporate gifts? How about something wearable like – Custom Made Cuff Links?

Look at how Asahi promoted its brand using cuff links. These gifts are of high perceived value and can create a positive impression among recipients. Being custom made gifts, these can easily become collectibles and be kept for long. Very suitable as gifts for VIP at special corporate events, especially memorable souvenirs at anniversary celebrations.


Be daring and creative with the cuff links designs to attract attention. Give it a twist and create retro designs like the old trucks of Tuborg. Definitely a nostalgic and unique gift that will delight your customers or employees!

GWP Ideas

Marketing Strategies: Planning your Merchandise Distribution

Before doing anything else choose the right Promotional Product Options.  With so many delivery mechanics to improve your marketing Campaigns, it can be tough to decide. First off, think about who, what and where your target audience will be and the type of gifts they want from a company. Secondly, how to get the message across about your company such as, the reasoning and theme behind your campaign. Different delivery mechanisms can help to increase a company’s promotional products.


What is a Delivery mechanism? – key deciding factor on what products to give away as promotional gifts to clients. The product, budget and delivery mechanism all need to be in sync with each other to have a successful promotional campaign.

Events Giveaways –Free promotional products from sport events, concerts, fairs, etc.- a way to maintain customer loyalty. Celebrities augments a brand by autographing the giveaway. Furthermore, toss promotional giveaways can be given out by a catapult or someone throws these items into the crowd. Mostly seen at sport events and concerts.

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Innovative Merchandise Ideas: Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones – solid cubes made of either stone or stainless steel – offer the benefit of keeping your drink cold without diluting it. Many prefer to use them over ice cubes because they don’t melt, are odorless and tasteless, and have a more prolonged cooling effect. All this means the customer will be able to enjoy his or her drink in a whiskey glass without any alteration of taste or smell.

Unplugged ice cube 2.jpg

Nonetheless, excellent promo whiskey stones require equally nice packaging. No company would hand them over like ordinary rocks, for sure. Just look at the new packaging designs for promo whiskey cubes here above.

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Functional Merchandise: Insulated Bottles

According some surveys, a stainless steel became the most convenient and useful material for bottles. Your company will be one step ahead with these insulated bottles

It is not surprising that these bottles are used not only by travellers but also by ordinary people. Consists inside and outside of high-grade stainless steel without any glass. These branded bottles are the best practical choice for long-life drink ware because stainless steel is strong and impact resistant material.

Stainless steel is non-reactive with acidic beverages. This item provides a clean, neutral taste and won’t affect flavor or smell like other materials.

Matua 750mL Insulated Bottle.jpg

Why is it good idea to use this insulated bottle for your campaign?

Brand value. We would like to notice that stainless steel is safest material for food and drinks. These double wall branded stainless steel flasks are non-toxic and completely BPA free and do not contain any dangerous components. Take care of your customers and they will gratefully repay. By using these products for your campaign you can increase brand value.

Green marketing idea. Need to emphasise that these stainless steel items are 100% recyclable compare with glass, conventional plastics or compostable PLA plastic material used to make most other bottles. With this idea you can emphasise the environmentally-friendly policy of your company.

Enhances Brand Visibility.  Double wall branded stainless steel with vacuum insulated, keeps hot and cold all kinds of drinks for longer time. That’s why your customers will bring it to the job or use for walking in the park, or take to the gym, where everyone will see your brand logo printed on this gift.

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Functional Leather Merchandise: GWP Ideas For Travel Campaigns

This custom cable organizer is just what you need to maximize your promotional campaign. Small, yet very useful and customizable, we believe that it will be ideal for any project!  Functionality is so important when gifting.  We love the addition of magnets to these designs.

This unique promotional product will make a great gift with purchase for cellphone products and gadgets. Companies can also use branded cable organizers as corporate giveaways. Therefore, it’s flexible and can be used for various campaigns.

Designing your own custom cable organizer is fairly easy. With the right design and materials on hand, you’ll surely achieve great results.


Tips for Designing Your Own Custom Cable Organizer
Consider Functionality: It should be easy to use as people like products that would make their life more convenient. It’s perfect for home and office use. As such, more people will be able to see your brand.

Choosing a Design: Find a design that suit your campaign. You can use TV or movie characters for movie marketing, sports-related designs for sports promotions, or simply use your brand logo to enhance brand visibility. Notice that our example has simple design. It has ample space for printing brand visuals.

Preparing for The Campaign: Optimize your promotions by arranging a tech gift set. Pair up your custom cable organizer with a flash drive or power bank. With creative packaging you will have a wonderful gift set for your loyal customers! This will help boost brand recognition and strengthen customer loyalty.