Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Brand Visibility: Fashion Merchandise Ideas

One of the best ways to deliver your brand's identity is through wearable fashion. Wearable in the sense that it can be used every day on almost any occasion without looking like a tasteless promotional item that anyone can get for free once they avail the product.

Integrating your brand in fashion can be a hit or miss, there's always this fine line between your merchandise looking like a valued gift or a tacky promo loot. The best approach to this is to be as subtle as possible while still keeping your brand's identity imminent in the merchandise.


Take this trucker cap we designed and made for the brand LWC.  Practical gifts like this have a higher tendency to be used by the customers, thus, increasing your brand's reach and visibility, pun intended. 

We at Merch & Effect consider several key elements when making a design. First, we take into consideration the color palette of the brand. Color palettes are easily recognizable and unique to the brand. In spite of the logo not standing out, these would carry the brand's identity. Another thing we consider is the materials that will be used to create our designs. Since we have limited space in this platform, we take into consideration what imagery we should prioritise and put on there. With this, we can come up with a practical, subtle, but brand-related item that will surely be appreciated by customers.

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Functional Leather Merchandise: GWP Ideas For Travel Campaigns

This custom cable organizer is just what you need to maximize your promotional campaign. Small, yet very useful and customizable, we believe that it will be ideal for any project!  Functionality is so important when gifting.  We love the addition of magnets to these designs.

This unique promotional product will make a great gift with purchase for cellphone products and gadgets. Companies can also use branded cable organizers as corporate giveaways. Therefore, it’s flexible and can be used for various campaigns.

Designing your own custom cable organizer is fairly easy. With the right design and materials on hand, you’ll surely achieve great results.


Tips for Designing Your Own Custom Cable Organizer
Consider Functionality: It should be easy to use as people like products that would make their life more convenient. It’s perfect for home and office use. As such, more people will be able to see your brand.

Choosing a Design: Find a design that suit your campaign. You can use TV or movie characters for movie marketing, sports-related designs for sports promotions, or simply use your brand logo to enhance brand visibility. Notice that our example has simple design. It has ample space for printing brand visuals.

Preparing for The Campaign: Optimize your promotions by arranging a tech gift set. Pair up your custom cable organizer with a flash drive or power bank. With creative packaging you will have a wonderful gift set for your loyal customers! This will help boost brand recognition and strengthen customer loyalty.

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Creative Merchandise: Wine Glass GWP by Aperol Spritz

Any product item at Duty Free is a real looker. It is so easy to get lost in time when you are in this store anywhere in the world. Their displays are fabulous; there is a huge variety in terms of the products. The gifts with purchase merchandise are at the best spots too. It’s great when shoppers do not have to move items to find the ones they like.


Aperol Wine Glass.jpg

3 Perks of this Item at a Duty Free Store

Elegant-looking. The shot glass is premium yet simple and has the Aperol Spritz identity embedded to it. This is what makes it look presentable and posh. The packaging of such gift is very important, as it will affect the image of brand and value of your merchandise.

All-in-one GWP. These types of shot glasses can be given in sets for every purchase. Customers can now enjoy the liquor with more people using similar glasses. They do not have to buy new. Thus, it creates additional and nice advertising for brand.

Well-placed Brand Logo. They are absolutely eye-catching and impossible to miss. However, they don’t need to do it to find the brand name as it is located at the front face of the shot glass. It can definitely help increase brand awareness whenever people use it.

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Corporate Merchandise Ideas: Custom Pen Holders for the Office

Promotional office supplies are seen everywhere, be it on the desk, as purchase gifts, or given as giveaways during events. In general, they make extremely useful products and this in turn provides them with a strong marketing influence when branded.

Counter top pens are one stationary item that is used everywhere, be it in supermarkets, in company receptions, offices, banks, schools to name a few and because of this they hold a great deal of branding potential in increasing your brands to awareness.

The great thing about desktop and counter top pen holders is that they can be custom shaped. Take these holders as an example, the right with a more standard design, the middle with legs, and the third a cooler spiral pen holder.

They may at first seem like standard stationary items, but when customised they can reflect your brand image all the while remembering that numerous people daily will use these holders in a variety of different places.


Promotional office supplies and how can they increase brand awareness?

Brand exposure. Firstly, these counter top promo pens are extremely practical when it comes to quickly filling out forms and are seen in countless places and therefore they will be seen and actually experienced by a lot of potential people. With a custom design and branding people will pay more attention to them and your brand consolidating your brand recall.
Brand value. Counter top pens can sometimes be viewed negatively because of their boring design and lack of ink. However, if you design them well and make sure the actual pens work, customers will have a more positive experience and will be happier, thus viewing your brand as better.
Free advertisement. Usually placed right in front of your eye, they are also hard to miss, meaning people will always unintentionally notice your brand leading to free advertisement.

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

GWP Ideas: Scented Candles for your Liquor Campaign

A very thoughtful functional item for your clients, a form of relaxation one may get at home. Packaged in a nicely designed box, customers do not have to worry about breaking it. The candle looks absolutely stunning. Simple product, but the nice aroma and design make it very charming. Matte glass gives the feeling of the silky surface and it only amplifies the luxury of the item.


The boxed candle suits any seasonal marketing campaign. It can be perfectly used as a gift for your VIP customers, gift with purchase or as purchase with purchase. This aroma candle is an absolutely amazing candle marketing gift –- a functional and stunning piece to improve any household’s ambiance.

This marketing gift may be offered in a wide range of scents. This way, consumers who like to collect a whole set will become repeat purchaser. Some customers may also like to use candles at home to feel as if they are living in a spa. By having such buyers who will keep purchasing the same product, it would certainly generate sales tremendously as they would want to collect the entire set of candles.

This item can also be used in many places, at home, in the office or even in a store, if you own one. With a large space to print your brand on, this marketing gift will be one that would boost brand visibility and awareness as well. Ultimately this will generate more sales for your company, yet again. Simple and effective, that is what most marketing executives are going for now.

This product could also be made of recyclable materials in order to help your company’s corporate social responsibility. With your company being involved in the preservation of the earth, more consumers that are concerned about the green movement would be highly receptive to your company as well.

Innovative Merchandise

Premium Packaging and Bottle Design: Brand Visibility

A nice whiskey campaign requires some nice packaging as well. No company would hand them over like normal bottles. Give a look at this new packaging designs for your liquor marketing campaigns. All of them come in the same material and similar shape but in different types of wood and styles.

Sirromet Twin Pack 1.jpg


Why would these liquor packs be effective promo items?

Higher perceived value: The clean and well-finished design and the materials used for the boxes and the bottle of liquor makes the promo gift seem not cheap at all. The customer will feel like receiving an important gift and consequently adopt a different approach towards your brand.
Branding: The logo on top of the box is a perfect example of branding. However, not only the box can be branded but the packaging of the bottle as well. Your name will be visible in every glass and single merchandise.
Custom: The design can be changed and made custom, it is possible to use other materials, apply different closing methods, compose personalised sets and so on. The possibilities for customisation are infinite.

Innovative Merchandise

POS Merchandising: Custom Made Packaging

When marketing any product and finding new packaging ideas to display it, the way it looks is just as important as the product itself. A poor looking item will get less attention than another product that looks attractive and well-packaged.

Custom packaging is therefore a crucial element when selling your brand to customers. Here we have a fantastic example of unique liquor packaging – rustic wooden boxes for packing bottles. These wooden boxes make a fantastic choice as packaging ideas for presenting your bottle of drink as they help to increase the look and value of the main product itself. 

Drink Italian Tasting Kit.jpg

How do these bottle packaging ideas help your brands marketing.

Design. These boxes are unique, give  luxury and expensive details to your product, and can be customised to represent many shapes and box case designs. Your company logo can also be printed, painted and engraved onto the surface to give a luxurious feel to the packaging.

Brand value. These wooden cases look stylish and authentic, and any customer would enjoy receiving this. Many people enjoy presenting their bottles of liquor and wine in their home, and these boxes would make a fantastic display for any shelf, not just at home but also as an in-store display product.

GWP Ideas

GWP Ideas: Gifts with Premium Packaging

The liquor industry has seen a major growth in the past few years. In fact, many entrepreneurs have started up their own breweries, formulating their own craft beer. This poses a threat to existing brands as it introduces more challengers to the market. To keep up with the competition, companies will need to find a way to help market their quality products.

Unconventional tactics and big-scale promotions may work for some. However, using excellent packaging and giving away gift with purchase items may be the best way to boost your brand presence. These help provide great marketing advantage at a minimal cost. 

M&E_Sterling Packaging2.jpg

How can this beer GWP and packaging idea help your business?

Here are some of the  benefits of adapting these strategies into your business.

Boost Your Sales. Eye-catching packaging and free items will excite customers to try your product. Therefore, both tactics can be used to encourage customers to buy your beer product. Thus, it helps ensure profitability.
Attract Customers. Packaging can be used to decorate your product with branding visuals to make it eye-catching. On the other hand, a gift with purchase adds value to the product.

GWP Ideas, Innovative Merchandise

Marketing Strategy: Maximising Investment using Corporate Gifts

If you are looking into maximising your marketing budget this year, then you should invest in corporate gifts! Most people like to get things organized to welcome the beginning of the year. This is why everybody always have a new year resolution. Help your clients and business partners to get organized. A thoughtful gift is always appreciated far more than its actual value.

Penfolds Document Bag.jpg

This gift is highly customizable. You have many options on colour and material. PU can be a very good material for this if leather is too luxurious for the target audience. Having a large surface area, you can choose to brand it prominently or subtly. You can even customize the finishing. Try using foil stamping to make your brand more visible.

Using Marketing Budget Optimally
Corporate gifts can strengthen your brand image and your ties with your partners. It also increases brand awareness. It is a form of subtle investment. Using your marketing budget for corporate gifts will enforce brand recall and hopefully generate more collaborations.

Innovative Merchandise

Corporate Merchandise: Asahi Money Clip

The money clip is a gift that provides much utility as it allows them to keep these reserve currencies separate from main wallets, to be kept safe should the worst happen. A custom logo may also be etched onto the holster to allow for an additional advertising benefit for the company.

Asahi Money Clip.jpg

Stimulate sales with GWP promotion

This form of promotion is a form of investment that pays for itself. Even though there will be some costs incurred from providing the GWP, it will also translate to increased sales revenue! This happens because people may be drawn to make a purchase because of the gift offered. Thus the initial cost of the GWP is a small sum to pay for the large amount of sales that will could potentially be generated.

GWP helps to boost customer satisfaction!

When customers obtain an additional item other than what they have originally purchased, they feel appreciated. Customers will feel like they are getting more value for their buck. Therefore, this will increase customer satisfaction and aid in building customer loyalty.

Offering a promotional gift certainly provides two-fold benefits for both the brand as well as the customers. So start offering them today to experience these benefits for your company!