Strategic Merchandising: Premium Leather Corporate Gifts

Gifts are not just about promoting yourself, but also to impress your customers and keep a lasting image. Especially to VIP clients, premium gifts are extremely essential and important.

Leather Premium Gift

Without a doubt, leather is practically defined as high-end and premium. Leather goods hold a high-perceived value, be it genuine leather or PU leather, they tend to project a prestigious image. In addition to that, leather products are generally more long-lasting and there is a higher probability of your client keeping it for a longer period of time. Thus, you can consider embossing your company logo on the premium leather gift. If your client uses your leather product daily, the daily viewing of it will increase the retention and recall of your brand name! This could lead to an increase in sales in the long run.

Leather Keychain

Never underestimate the power of small gifts. Premium key chains are useful, especially for female clients. If the key chain is well designed, customers may hang your premium gift on their bags. This provides a high visibility of your brand name and can certainly boost any marketing efforts!

Leather Name Card Holder

Name cards are a must-have with all businessmen and businesswomen alike. Thus, providing them with a quality name card holder is a very practical and useful gift. Practicality in gifts is crucial because this will increase the usage of the product and enhance your brand image with your clients.

Leather Garment Bag

Clients who travel frequently will definitely find a need for quality garment bag to hold their suits. Thus, a handy and sturdy garment bag will suit their needs perfectly. This can help to create good relationships with your clients and increase brand loyalty. By catering to their needs, your clients will feel that you understand them fully and will want to work with you in the long run.

Leather Duffel Bag

As your clients are bound to travel on a regular basis, a duffel bag can also double up as a travel bag. With your company name going around the world with your client, your brand name will be seen in many different parts of the world!

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Innovative Solutions for your Liquor Brand- Bottle Holders

The best liquor companies always give importance to style when it comes to displaying their bottles in stores and bistros. It is their obligation to create such merchandise to make that possible every time. Although these types of items are not practical when it comes to a normal marketing budget, it is an investment for your brand's image and such rewards will be evident in the long term for sure. 


Bottle containers are quite similar to Glorifiers in a sense that both complement a bottle's appearance from the consumer's perspective. These types of merchandise are effective tools in communicating your company's brand image to your client. Your chosen design is distincly recognised by your target market may it be a rustic or even a modern themed one.  

This type of product relies mostly on the design as it is its main purpose, to attract and astonish. Another plus that you can apply is adding a bit of functionality in your design. Great design can go a long way but it takes a level of functionality to amp up your brand to a consumer's choice of purchase. Adding a functional factor in the merchandise you produce transforms your brand to something they need rather than just something they want. 

In coming up with products to uplift your brand, design should collaborate with function in order to achieve a brand's full potential. In this industry and modernising world, style is just as important as function.

Innovative Merchandise

Premium Merchandise Ideas: Leather Bags

Leather products have high perceived value and look classy. Why not offer leather products for your loyal clientele? Presenting this leather messenger bag as a corporate gift can strengthen your business ties and uplift your brand's image.

Leather messenger bags are highly customisable. You can choose to use a genuine leather or imitation such as PU materials. Besides that, you can customise the interior or the bag. There are many ways to brand this bag with your logo.

One way is to use labels with your company name. You can also adopt the trending concept such as using an engraved metal plate for your logo. Try using your logo for the interior fabric. Your client and partners will surely see your logo every time they open the bag.

When designing a corporate gift for your clientele, bear in mind the receiver. Choose something that is suitable to their profile so that they will use such products in the long run. 

While brainstorming, imagine the kind of lifestyle your target market may have. Do they travel a lot? Or, do they sit on their desk most of the time? The more they use your gift, the more effective your corporate gift is as a marketing tool. In the end it is all about knowing what your client needs.


GWP Ideas

Laptop Bag as a Gift with Purchase

One of the best things about laptop bags as premium gift is that they make great giveaways for both men and women. Also, they are useful for people in a range of ages. Another advertising benefit of using premium laptop bags in your business is the fact that these bags will have a lasting effect on your business because most people will use these bags again and again. A high-qualitylaptop bag is certain to be used, and become a very effective advertisement for your company.

One of the best promotional products for retail businesses are premium functional bags. Most companies that sell things put those items into bags. Some companies put their items in plastic bags, some in shopping bags and some in paper bags. The latest trend even has some businesses offering reusable shopping bags to help save the environment by using them over and over again.

This gift with purchase provides a unique advertising opportunity for your business, especially if you are located in a shopping mall or shopping center, where you know that your customers are going to not only shop at your store, but at other places in that same shopping area. Moreover, this attracts customers to spend moremoney to be able to get this promotional laptop bag for free.


Marketing Strategy: Seasonal Items

One of the most crucial things in merchandising is timing. Any company should be aware of the times or the situation of the market before they conduct a marketing move through merchandising. 


Since any strategy will most probably cost a lot of money, before investing to any marketing plan, it is best to study the context of the market to be able to know the different trends that the society is immersed in. Through this, your company can produce an effective merchandise for your brand.

Producing seasonal items for your brand is a great tactic for your marketing efforts because you are able to tap a specific market to see your brand. Hence, it is much easier to conceptualize on what type of merchandise to produce. Seasons such as Summer and Winter are great avenues where your brand can appear through different types of apparel and accessories that are at the same time, functional for your client.

It is a way of providing solutions to an ordinary client's needs for a certain season. In providing such solutions, you are able to establish your brand as something that consumers should look out for and will forever be embedded on their radars whenever Summer or Winter season comes. 

GWP Ideas

Merchandising Solutions: Customised Duffel Bag

A duffel bag serves as a practical gift that is suitable for anyone and everyone of all age groups and genders. Although it may seem that this duffel is inclined towards the masculine side, it is in fact just as suitable for the ladies as well! This duffel does not only hold a week worth of clothes but is durable as well. You can also use it on an everyday basis or even bring it along for stay overs or camps.

Brands that offer gifts tend to attract and retain more customers as compared to those that do not. Repeated purchases are often encouraged in anticipation of future promotions that one would not want to miss out! This would in turn generate more sales and revenue for the brand in the long run.

The white brand name stands out from the blue background. With a large surface area to work with, the brand will be captivating with the chic design. Useful and practical, this promo gift is an item we can all use daily, helping to increase marketing efforts.

Imagine seeing someone with a beautiful functional duffel bag, you are prone to find out where it came from. As such, customers turn into walking advertisements for your brand to promote to others.

This custom duffel bag will increase brand awareness and boost sales. The large area allows more customization to be done to the bag such as brand name, logo and key message to bring across.

Most duffel bags are black with a white brand name. To increase brand recognition, you can consider customizing the promo gift with the colour scheme of your brand logo. This will help to increase brand retention in consumers’ minds where they will immediately recognise your brand when they come across your company’s colour scheme!

This GWP does not need to come in the form of a standard duffel bag shape. You can consider interesting shapes like one of an animal, drink bottle or even a certain type of food! This duffel bag is highly customisable to suit the needs of your company products and brand.

Message in a custom Duffel Bag

Other than promoting your brand, this gift serves another purpose in improving the corporate social image of your brand. For example, you can have it in the shape of a cat to increase awareness on the issue of stray animals. Messages can also be printed on the bag to promote this issue and educate the right values to your customers. This way, your are constantly improving your image to customers as well as public when the duffel bags are being used.

A worthy investment with many returns on investment, this promo gift is certainly your choice to consider!



GWP Ideas

Functional Merchandise Ideas: Duffel Bags

This custom duffel bag would be perfect for any purpose. It would be perfect for your day in school as it would be able to carry your book and a change of clothes if you decide to go for a workout after. Even if you plan for an afternoon at the beach, this promo gift has more than enough space for food but also for your swimsuits and gear. With its multiple storage compartments, this gift with purchase is perfect for any occasion and activity.

Multiple other companies have used bags as promotional items as well. This proves that bags are indeed useful promotional items that helps boost brand awareness and ultimately generate sales.


Having such a large surface area would allow your brand to be made extremely visible on this gift with purchase. By doing so, this will increase your brand awareness and this will definitely boost sales for your company. This marketing gift is a product that we all use on a daily basis. It is a basic necessity and something that we need to use as we go about our daily routine. This way, your brand would be seen in the train, at the market and even on the streets.

This custom duffel bag could also be made of recyclable materials in order to help your company’s corporate social responsibility. With your company being involved in the preservation of the earth, more consumers that are concerned about the green movement would be highly receptive to your company as well.

GWP Ideas

Great Liquor Promotions – Free Sunglasses with Every Purchase

Get a pair of sunglasses as a bonus gift with every purchase of Wild Turkey’s premier bourbon. This is one of the most popular promotions of Wild Turkey. Sunglasses are a wonderful choice for promo gifts as summer is a constant season where everybody gives importance to how they look under the sun.

Wild Turkey’s emphasis on the limited amount of sunglasses and short promo period encourages purchase. This urgency created deliberately to help increase sales for the company.

Why do promotional giveaways succeed?

Wild Turkey, in their choice of promotional giveaway, has clearly targeted a younger demographic. This type of targeted marketing is much cheaper and more direct, you can save costs by focusing your products on the audience you expect to be customers. For example, you would not find tobacco promotions at the Olympics, but as it is a sports event, you do find advertisements for Nike.

How can free promotional giveaways work for you?

Firstly, who is your audience? If you are targeting a younger demographic then clearly ‘free pens’ is not going to have a good result. However an effective choice in product could be T-shirts/Tote bags/Sunglasses, these are extremely popular and easy to produce cheaply.

Secondly, when branding your products, what is better subtle or overwhelming? In the case of Wild Turkey’s  sunglasses, the branding can be found on the side of the frames. The Wild Turkey brand can be clearly seen yet does not ruin the design of the sunglasses entirely. 

Lastly, and most important, know who your audience is and target them. If you have a specific audience, make sure to pay attention to them, gaining new customers is important but forgetting your key demographic will fail your advertising campaign. Alcohol companies do not be advertise in schools, apart from the illegality, because they have no demographic for their products.



Innovative Merchandise

Functional Marketing Tools: Promotional Flip Flops

Flip flops are perfect as a marketing tool. Promotional flip flops are light, compact and highly customisable. This is why it is great for on-pack promotional gift. Flip flops are great for free advertising as well. Here are some ideas on how you can use flip flops as a marketing gift

Free Advertising

Take a look at these Aperol flip flops. This is an example of how to execute a free advertising strategy. When you walk on the sand with this pair of  flip flops, you will ‘stamp’ the sand with its sole. Customise the sole of your promotional flip flops to facilitate free advertising. Don’t dwell on the fact that the print on the sand won’t last forever; think about the number of people that will see your brand as it lasts! It is definitely an unusual sight of seeing a logo stamped on the sand. People will marvel at how creative you are in getting to them.

Innovative Promotional Flip Flop

When planning what kind of slippers to offer to your customers, put them in the centre spotlight. Think about how the product will benefit your customer. These slippers are great for travelers. Customers can use it as house slippers in their hotel rooms. Creating your next promotional product should always put functionality above anything else.

Innovative Merchandise

Promotional Product Advice: Why choose a premium Laptop Bag?

Being well known in solutions for travel, customers would definitely be attracted to this promotional gift. An embodiment of the main purchased item, this promotional item will come in handy for many. One could use it for a day’s travel or perhaps as a portable work station.

This laptop bag we produced for Beam Global’s Laphroaig brand is made from rust-colored leather, branded with Laphroaig ‘s logo at the front. It features a detachable shoulder strap with shoulder pads and an accessible front flap pocket.  We chose to make it with metal teeth zippers to add to this bag’s stylish design and to ensure its durability. This branded promotional product adds value to this laptop bag, making it a high end merchandise.

There is also 2 ways where the consumer could carry this, either by the handles or swing it across their shoulder with the strap. Either way would still act as a form of marketing and advertising for your business as the logo is significantly displayed at its front.


Merch and Effect would definitely recommend embossing your logo when working with leather material to give it a more professional look!