GWP Ideas

Custom Coasters as GWP from the Holiday Season

Coasters also make a great brand introductory tool especially when used in a bar or restaurant without being too forward and eager. Since they are made from premium materials, these coasters can last through everyday use and re-use and can significantly reduce the amount of biodegradable resource that you may have been using for years by opting for paper products to protect your surfaces.

Vidal Coasters.jpg

At Merch and Effect, we know the importance of creating a lasting impression even through tiny impressions such as a coaster. We take in the image of the brand and match our designs to the brand's personality and execute it with suitable and premium materials that will surely put your brand in the best light.

Innovative Merchandise

POS Merchandising: Custom Made Packaging

When marketing any product and finding new packaging ideas to display it, the way it looks is just as important as the product itself. A poor looking item will get less attention than another product that looks attractive and well-packaged.

Custom packaging is therefore a crucial element when selling your brand to customers. Here we have a fantastic example of unique liquor packaging – rustic wooden boxes for packing bottles. These wooden boxes make a fantastic choice as packaging ideas for presenting your bottle of drink as they help to increase the look and value of the main product itself. 

Drink Italian Tasting Kit.jpg

How do these bottle packaging ideas help your brands marketing.

Design. These boxes are unique, give  luxury and expensive details to your product, and can be customised to represent many shapes and box case designs. Your company logo can also be printed, painted and engraved onto the surface to give a luxurious feel to the packaging.

Brand value. These wooden cases look stylish and authentic, and any customer would enjoy receiving this. Many people enjoy presenting their bottles of liquor and wine in their home, and these boxes would make a fantastic display for any shelf, not just at home but also as an in-store display product.

GWP Ideas

Premium Merchandise: Branded Flasks as Cool Product Collectibles

What’s a flask without whisky or whisky without a flask?This promotion provides customers using Irish stores the opportunity to not only get two bottles of whisky but a fantastically branded flask as well.

Wild Turkey Hip Flask.jpg

Why do we like this branded hipflask as a promo product?

High quality. We provided customers with a high quality promotional product, which in turn reflects the sort of quality first time customers can come to expect from the brand.

Boost in sales. This gift with purchase strategy will attract more customer to try the product and to purchase 2 bottles in order the get the premium gift.

Customer loyalty. Customers which have already tried this brand’s drink will also be delighted with the free branded hipflask promo, and provided they receive excellent service for their loyalty,  the business will continue to attract more and more customers through positive word-of-mouth.

Thus, a free branded gift with purchase, when executed correctly can be an effective way for a brand to market themselves on a regular or seasonable basis.

GWP Ideas

GWP Ideas: Gifts with Premium Packaging

The liquor industry has seen a major growth in the past few years. In fact, many entrepreneurs have started up their own breweries, formulating their own craft beer. This poses a threat to existing brands as it introduces more challengers to the market. To keep up with the competition, companies will need to find a way to help market their quality products.

Unconventional tactics and big-scale promotions may work for some. However, using excellent packaging and giving away gift with purchase items may be the best way to boost your brand presence. These help provide great marketing advantage at a minimal cost. 

M&E_Sterling Packaging2.jpg

How can this beer GWP and packaging idea help your business?

Here are some of the  benefits of adapting these strategies into your business.

Boost Your Sales. Eye-catching packaging and free items will excite customers to try your product. Therefore, both tactics can be used to encourage customers to buy your beer product. Thus, it helps ensure profitability.
Attract Customers. Packaging can be used to decorate your product with branding visuals to make it eye-catching. On the other hand, a gift with purchase adds value to the product.

Innovative Merchandise

Customer Retention: Premium Gift Packaging for Merchandise

A nice whiskey campaign requires some nice packaging as well. No company would hand them over like normal bottles. Give a look at this new packaging designs for your liquor marketing campaigns. All of them come in the same material and similar shape but in different types of wood and styles.

CEO Sleepout Giftbox.jpg

Why would these promo whiskey stones be effective promo items?

Higher perceived value: The clean and well-finished design and the materials used for the boxes and the bottle of liquor makes the promo gift seem not cheap at all. The customer will feel like receiving an important gift and consequently adopt a different approach towards your brand.
Branding: The logo on top of the box is a perfect example of branding. However, not only the box can be branded but the packaging of the bottle as well. Your name will be visible in every glass and single merchandise.
Custom: The design can be changed and made custom, it is possible to use other materials, apply different closing methods, compose personalised sets and so on. The possibilities for customisation are infinite.

Innovative Merchandise

Premium Marketing Products: Increasing Brand Awareness

Many brands look for marketing innovations and new ways to speed up and smoothen operations, and this for sure is one of them. Let’s hope though that these incorporations of technology do not catalyst losses of jobs and instead stick to the current trend of creating new ones.

AH Tray.jpg

Why offer premium marketing products?

Promotional products that exude class and luxury are bound to leave a lasting impression on your clients! It also helps to portray a positive image that your brand is generous in rewarding the customers.


Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Premium Merchandise: Squealing Pig Functional Products

This form of marketing is a form of investment that pays for itself. Even though there will be some costs incurred from providing the GWP, it will also translate to increased sales revenue! This happens because people may be drawn to make a purchase because of the gift offered. Thus the initial cost of the GWP is a small sum to pay for the large amount of sales that could potentially be generated.

GWP helps to boost customer satisfaction. When customers obtain an additional item other than what they have originally purchased, they feel appreciated. Consumers will feel like they are getting more value for their buck. Therefore, this will increase customer satisfaction and aid in building customer loyalty.

Offering a premium gift certainly provides two-fold benefits for both the brand as well as the customers. So start offering them today to experience these benefits for your company!

GWP Ideas

Functional Merchandise: Rustic Ice Buckets

Ice Buckets are an excellent and very visible advertising tool.  Cold drinks are a big part of pleasure in life. For parties or meals having a nice ice bucket on the table to keep your drinks cold is always a nice thing to do!

There are many factories in China and India who can offer standard designs for beer buckets. However, the design of your bucket will be the one who will determine the success of your campaign. 


Custom Ice Buckets for Vodka:  Since these drinks are usually sold for much more than beer, we can note that most of the time vodka buckets are also of higher quality, more complex in design and more ornate.

Even the best wine or champagne do not have the same taste when it is not cold. To ensure that your beverages are always at good temperature, you definitely have to use an customized ice bucket. That will make you stand out from the crowd as well.

GWP Ideas

Simple and Functional Merchandise: Negroni Stirrers as GWP

With thousands of different wine merchandise and wine varieties to choose from in an already saturated industry, it can be hard for wine brands to stand out to their potential customers that past their brand everyday.

A regular customer who is perhaps not as familiar with wine as an expert, will at times find it different to know which wine is best to choose from on the shelf. A wine campaign that has an on-pack freebie gift or has a price promotion is more attractive to purchase over others, or to at least to try. And these wine promo stirrers are the perfect free gift to complement your wine, especially when enjoyed with ice!

Negroni Stirrer.jpg

Wine gifts and how can they increase your product sales?

Brand value. Customers love receiving free gifts no matter how small, and they will always make the customer exhibit a more positive experience when buying your product, which is more likely for them to return.
Branding potential. Small wine promo gifts such as this stirrer, are useful when making and mixing drinks. Stirrers especially can be custom packaged, shaped, coloured and can be made to feature cool designs that show off your brand.
Incentive product. With a free wine gift attached that matches your wine brand, it acts as a great incentive to make customers try out your brand. This type of wine campaign could be the marketing tool that will successfully push the client to try and buy your product. In general it’s a great way to get a stronger foothold in the market.

GWP Ideas

Merchandising Strategies: GWPs for Events and Campaigns

Custom made whiskey glasses not only capture the essence of your liquor, they also showcase your brand’s depth and specialization in this field. By serving your rum in a signature, custom-made glass, your brand brings its small piece of history to the present (and even to the future).

Why is an on-pack gift great as a marketing incentive?

Point of sale promotion. This glass could be used in bars or at home on display in your drinks cabinet to promote your whiskey brand. When buying a glass of this specific brand of whiskey, customers tend to like their drink served with a matching glass to accompany the drink. Therefore, this premium glass will be on show to more customers, the nicer looking the glass, the more likely the customer will buy this rum.

Increase the perceived value of the product. This means that customers are more likely to pick a specific product over competitors in the same industry.  By offering an on-pack gift  that is used together with the actual product along with a premium packaging, the perceived value is increased even further.

Brand awareness. Because of its novelty factor, this promo glass will interest customers to buy, because it offers more than other whiskey brands at that time. With the higher level of interest about a premium item, the more recognition your brand will receive if you stamp your logo on it.