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Functional Merchandise: Rustic Ice Buckets

Ice Buckets are an excellent and very visible advertising tool.  Cold drinks are a big part of pleasure in life. For parties or meals having a nice ice bucket on the table to keep your drinks cold is always a nice thing to do!

There are many factories in China and India who can offer standard designs for beer buckets. However, the design of your bucket will be the one who will determine the success of your campaign. 


Custom Ice Buckets for Vodka:  Since these drinks are usually sold for much more than beer, we can note that most of the time vodka buckets are also of higher quality, more complex in design and more ornate.

Even the best wine or champagne do not have the same taste when it is not cold. To ensure that your beverages are always at good temperature, you definitely have to use an customized ice bucket. That will make you stand out from the crowd as well.

GWP Ideas

Lifestyle Merchandise: Premium Notebooks from Matua

If you are looking into maximising your marketing budget this year, then you should invest on corporate gifts! Most people like to get things organised to welcome the beginning of the year. Help your clients and business partners to get organised. A thoughtful gift is always appreciated far more than its actual value. Here are some ideas on how to make notebooks interesting and useful!

This gift is highly customisable. You have many options on colour and material. PU can be a very good material for this if leather is too luxurious for the target audience. Having a large surface area, you can choose to brand it prominently or subtly. You can even customise the finishing. Try using foil stamping to make your brand more visible.

Corporate gifts can strengthen your brand image and your ties with your partners. It also increases brand awareness. It is a form of a subtle investment. Using your marketing budget for corporate gifts will enforce brand recall and hopefully generate more collaborations.

GWP Ideas

Premium Merchandising: Bottle Sleeves for Premium Liquor Brands

One of the most common ways of selling wines is just placing them on stands where clients can see the variety of wines offered. This is always a great idea as customers can visualise the whole bank of wines we are selling. However, if we are selling wines of different quality and values, we sometimes need to think about how to present them to our customers in order to send out the message that the wine is of high quality. We could do this by using high-end packaging in order to give our clients the visualization and image the wine deserves.

How does packaging help clients visualise the quality of wine?

Nowadays, in marketing campaigns, we always need to find a way that customers will really go: “Wow! What an amazing packaging, I wonder what the product is inside?”. Many product providers may think that the product and its performance is more important than what the packaging looks like. This is not entirely true as the packaging can play a role in the success or failure of the sales of the product.

Thus, how a product is packaged may be what attracts the consumer to take a look on the product as it sits on store shelves. Therefore, it is fundamental to conduct extensive research on special designs and coloring of the types of product packaging that is the most appealing to attract our consumers.

At the same time, while offering this kind of packaging, we can also include some other promotional products like bottle openers to increase the value of our brand and the wine we want to sell.

GWP Ideas

Functional Merchandise: Branded Chopping Boards

Why use the Cheeseboard or Chopping board as  merchandise products?

Oatcakes, Chutneys and Cheese go well with Wine! What a smart way to enhance customer’s experiences when they enjoy the brand’s product. Simply pack the other matching or related items into the promo pack capture attention in the stores.


 Attractive Packaging

We like how the brand displays its contents in the pack, such arrangement provides clear visibility. Excellent choice of color adds value to the promo pack, drawing more customers, increasing sales for the company.


The cheeseboard with its brand logo will serve as a brand reminder for customers whenever they use it. Brilliant marketing move by the company. However, we feel that the perceived value of this promo can be further increased if brand logo is engraved on wooden handle of the cheese knives.

Innovative Merchandise

Merchandise Ideas: Unique and Iconic Headphones

Excellent idea for your brand placement: High-end Headphones. Do you see how featureless print “wireless headphones” can be perfectly replaced by your corporate logo? We definitely do. That is why we advice you to choose this very product for your marketing campaign.

High-end headphones like the ones in this blog boast extraordinary sound, build quality, and comfort for music lovers. With impressively clear accuracy, their sound profile tones are hard to resist.

A great variety of business should consider the implementation of this  promotional idea: a recording studio, music store, electronic music production and DJ school, any store selling techniques. They can be used as present, given with purchase over a certain amount of money, or as a giveaway in the honor of your company’s anniversary, or for internal marketing, as a holiday gift to your best employees.

Innovative Merchandise

Premium Merchandise: Luxury Laptop Bags

In today’s technological age, we can be certain that most of the clients we cater to have laptops and tablets. Gadgets have evolved into a necessity in this generation—a social disadvantage but also a marketing opportunity.

People nowadays can’t take their eyes off of their gadgets and have developed a habit of constantly taking it out to check their social media accounts, e-mail for a message or even a call. Electronic gadgets have become very visible in our environment; hence, an opportunity for marketing and advertising.

In choosing your next merchandise, you should always take note of your target consumers and be able to immerse yourself into their way of thinking, their way of life. A strategy you can apply is embedding your brand to the essentials. Through this, it is certain that your brand will be seen as essentials, such as laptops and tablets, are always out of the house.

Producing merchandise which can complement and support a gadget’s function is an effective strategy to expand your brand’s coverage. It is also ingenious in a sense that your patrons will be your medium to a wider reach. The challenge comes with how you design such product which can attract and earn the trust of a patron.

Using premium materials is a definite must. Durability and style will be the main pillars of any merchandise. Just like this laptop bag designed for Matua, it is a simple classic design crafted in high quality canvas. In producing merchandise such as these, one should always keep in mind the brand image you want your consumers to see--- a premium brand will always have to produce premium-looking merchandise made from quality material.

Merch and Effect takes you onto the road to ingenuity when it comes to developing your merchandise. To be honest, all it takes is a little common sense and a whole lot of motivation and passion for your brand. Let your ideas flow and imagination run wild.

Classy Merchandise: Backpacks for Matua

Functional Packs, The benefits and the uses to drive sales:

  • Increase Perceived Value – As a brand has status, it emboldens that status with functional products, and merchandise. This is especially true for liquor merchandise.

  • Purchase with purchase – A great use for functional bags such as these is purchase with purchase. Liquor merchandise is often used this way to drive sales via a discounted bag or bottle alongside a purchase of another item. Shoes is a popular example of this. Purchase with purchase is a great way to add value to your product, increasing sales.

  • Brand exposure -As eluded to previously, brand exposure is essential for any marketing campaign. In the growing liquor products industry, it can be hard to get your foot in the door. Using functional products for liquor merchandise is a great way to expose those less known brands, ultimately driving sales.

  • Varied product portfolio – Adding products to your portfolio can really flesh out your brand, an empty web shop never fares well for businesses, and using functional products for retail purpose is a great way to expand your product portfolio, while simultaneously benefiting your branding potential. These bags show a great way to do this with many types.

GWP Ideas

Merchandising Ideas: Modern Trends for Pens

In order to compete with the latest technologies, with the thread of being totally replaced by the inflow of electronic gadgets, the suppliers of writing instruments nowadays need to be exceptionally creative. And they succeed! Here we have collected the most interesting and innovative designs for pens, which will for sure stand out of the regular range of premium items. They will definitely bring lots of attention to your brand.

1. Stylus + Retractable Ballpen

In 2016 pens need to adjust to our new acquired habits to constantly interact with our smartphones and tablets. Here comes the brilliant idea of combining two functions: a usual ballpoint and stylus. The retractable mechanism is the same as those we used to have in pens for decades. The nib pushes straight through the conductive stylus, offering an immediate advantage.

2. Promotional Pens as Phone Holders

This kind of pen seems to look pretty regular, until you notice that the slot on the lid is designed specially to serve as holder stand for your mobile device. Can be used upright while you are at work so you can see your notifications. Great for watching videos in portrait mode as well. Workable with various models of cellphones.

3. Custom Desktop Table Pen

Perfect promotional product for banks and offices, where visitors always forget to return pens taken. All stands include customisable printing of your company information, logo, or branding. A wide range of colour choices allows you to match the colour theme of your company. Or you can choose a selection of colours for greater marketing flexibility.

4. Modern Version of Classic Metal Design

Prefer time-proven solid and classic design and materials? Chromed metal aluminium pen in its totally innovative, high-tech looking version.

5. All-in-One

To sum up all the mentioned above: this multi-purpose item including 5 functions in one. The ball pen, stylus, screen cleaner, phone holder and anti dust plug in one item! And we can personally add one more: it serves as perfect product for brand advertising.

GWP Ideas

Functional Merchandise: Steak Knives as GWP

On-Pack Packaging such as the one shown above is effective in capturing consumer attention and adds value to the main item. This gift with purchase will definitely boost sales and enhance brand value given the strong colours and attractive packaging.

Promotional items like knives are often good for branding and advertising. A simple logo printing on the surface of the handle will remind consumers of your brand. Knives are great gifts and are a cost effective way to market your brand.

Benefits of Marketing Gift Collaboration

All in all, this collaboration boost the marketing efforts of both parties. The knife can increase its sales through the bundled promotion. No matter what our business is, there will be a suitable marketing gift that we can use. We don’t always have to collaborate with famous characters or brands. Customise your marketing gift to please your customers. This way, you can communicate your brand philosophy effectively.

Innovative Merchandise

Merchandise Ideas: Premium Outdoor Products

Our company is fond of the classy design, natural materials and convenience of usage. It’s amazing how simple the picnics and outdoor events can be organised with the help of these strawy baskets, cooler bags and picnic backpacks.

Why do we love these picnic sets for outdoor merchandise?

Beautiful design – natural material and high-end quality will add a great value to your brand.
Convenient usage – easy to carry outdoor to events and picnics.
Variety of options for logo placement – silk screen printing on cotton up to 5 colours, embossing on leather patch, and laser engraving on metal zips.
Multi-purpose promotional item – perfect as a high-end gift for key clients, gifts for company anniversary to your colleagues, outdoor advertising at the festivals, events and celebrations.