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Visual Merchandising: Custom Designs for Functional GWPs

A bottle stopper is a nice product to use as GWP. Because of the size and weight of the product, it is compact and suitable for many types of industries. If you are dealing in food and beverage industry, perhaps as a winemaker or a restaurant, this product would be a really cool premium product. Bottle stoppers are very simple and convenient accessories for wine lovers, bartenders and wine collectors alike to saver the aromas of wine, and keep its taste ripe.

This is why we suggest this iceberg-shaped bottle stopper to add a twist and cheer to your collection of wine accessories.

Why is this wine stopper a great merchandise idea?

  • Practical. This wine stopped can be use multiple ways making it a very convenient item to have. People love receiving items that they can use.
  • Brand awareness. This item can be used and placed on any item and any place leaving plenty of chance to expose and interest other people.

Innovative Merchandise

Premium Merchandising: Cocktail Shakers for POS Marketing

Liquor promotional products are often premium. From branded ice buckets and stirrers to successful packaging there have been great items for this industry. This trend is the same here with this promotional material; the black matte finish adds a premium accent while the strong branding ensures exposure.

Liquor Promotional Products, why a Cocktail Shaker?

  • Gift with purchase –  A premium item like this adds value to a purchase exceptionally. As part of a set, or an individual glass these would pair brilliantly with a premium bottle of liquor. Liquor promotional products like these have exceptional brand exposure capability.
  •  Custom design –The branding on the side can be satin etched for clarity with custom design or silk screen printed, great for a bold display of your logo. The premium feel is essential for products like this, these merchandise accomplish this.


  •  Generate awareness– Brands love to be recognised, and these promotional products are a perfect way to give your brand the boost it deserves. Integrate your brands logo and you will be ascertained to reap the benefits of using a high quality promotional product.
  • Inspire conversation- Due to the nature of the product, they are intended to be used in social situations, as such this is a great way to formulate word-of-mouth, and it’s certain to be the positive type if offering a product of this quality.

There are endless amounts of styles of promotional products, but when it comes to liquor we would recommend in staying away from the stein type and just sticking to the classic taster genre, purely for health precautions. Though these styles come with various types of prints that can be extremely impactful on the perceived value of the product.

We have years of experience at Merch and Effect in product design, product sourcing and product manufacturing; and have produced and constructed a large array of drink promo products such as the ones shown above.

At Merch and Effect we can help you utilise your 2017 marketing budget. Contact us to find out how we can help. If you’re interested in gifts with purchase and premium merchandise, we are here to share to you the best and modern ideas that you deserve for your liquor brand.

GWP Ideas

Affordable Merchandise: Functional Bistro Aprons

There are always kings of barbecue on sunny days that can cook the meat like no one. They love to surprise their guests and make them happy by preparing delicious grilling. Your clients are certainly part of them! These custom canvas aprons are a high-quality product idea that will contribute to a lovely barbecue experience for your customers.

The apron attaches very easily around the waist and neck. It will not only allow the user to cook without getting dirty, but also permit him more ease in handling cooking tools.

We like the practicality of the apron. It has been designed with several pockets and hooks for hanging cooking utensils for meat and dishcloths. Your customers will enjoy cooking safely thanks to this thick and heat resistant product.

Why do we like these custom bistro aprons?

High-quality. The first thing that catch our attention when looking at these barbecue aprons is that they are made of a very high-quality material, and can therefore be used for a couple of years.
Brand visibility. Branding this product with your logo is a perfect marketing idea to improve your brand awareness efficiently and in any occasion, while adding value to your company.

GWP Ideas

Custom Made Merchandise: Iceberg Stoppers

After congratulatory toasts have been made there might be a little Champagne or sparkling wine left over.  You don’t have to drink it straight away so to keep it fresh plug bottle with a specialised bottle stopper.  This fits nicely on top and creates an airtight seal so that the champagne does not loose its fizziness.

Available in many designs and materials this product is very flexible and can be made ti fit a wide range of budgets.  In addition of being very practical, the champagne stopper is also a nice decorative item!

Customise these with your own design / logo and promote your brand during end of the year festivities.  Perfect as a marketing item for any drinks company, it can also be a good idea as a gift with purchase or on pack bottle necker.

GWP Ideas

Functional Merchandising: Premium Bag Hooks

A handbag hook is a perfect companion for any girl to keep their handbags off the ground.  This helps keep your handbag clean and prolong its usability. Besides, this handbag hook also shouts out as a fashion statement. The simple yet posh design stands out from other conventional handbag hooks that may come across as too loud or cheap looking.

How can offering a handbag hook be helpful?

On a marketing level, offering a functional gift reflects well on the company. It shows that the company is customer orientated and they is also a gesture of generosity to them. Customers that receives gift will usually be more loyal or receptive to future products or gifts from that same company.

Furthermore, by offering such premium gifts it will also promote the products of the company. It helps create brand recall in the minds of customers. They would then have the perception that your company is reliable because your gift could be something they see every day.

Innovative Merchandise

Innovative Merchandise: Portable Speakers for your Brand

You can’t get any more multi-functional than this cool smart promo speaker idea! Use Bluetooth, listen to music, take phone calls or use it to read your favourite book at night, it does it all.

This multifunctional Bluetooth speaker is very appealing with its ability to allow you to take mobile phone calls (not something seen with speakers).

Furthermore, this item offers not only the ability for hands free contact with other people via phone, but with its changeable night light function gives people the opportunity to have a reading light for bed without damaging eyes.

Why we advise you to use this merchandise for your brand?

Boost your sales. You could offer this product to your customers as purchase with purchase. In this case a Bluetooth speaker can catch customers eyes and motivate to make some purchases. As a result you could achieve the increasing of sales and make a huge profit.

Design appeal. This smart promo product is made of metal. The design looks attractive and modern and will suit any décor. This multifunctional Bluetooth speaker provides a lot of space for your companies or brands logo. Allows easy application of a logo to the light or the side of the metallic bottom.

Makes brand more important. Give this product as a gift for your high-end clients or partners and you must be sure that they will never forget this nice gesture. It will strengthen the partnership and increase your brand value.

Practicality. It is a excellent idea to use this as a portable audio system during parties with friends and gatherings with family, or even as a lamp during camping. It is easy to carry and convenient to use, doesn’t take up a lot of space and even has a slot for SD memory cards. In this case you wouldn’t have to worry about your mobile phones battery level.

GWP Ideas

Classy Merchandise: Premium Wine Glasses for GWP

Any product item at Duty Free is a real looker. It is so easy to get lost in time when you are in this store anywhere in the world. Their displays are fabulous; there is a huge variety in terms of the products. The gifts with purchase merchandise are at the best spots too. It’s great when shoppers do not have to move items to find the ones they like.

3 Perks of this Item at a Duty Free Store

Elegant-looking. The shot glass is premium yet simple and has the Skyy Vodka identity embedded to it. This is what makes it look presentable and posh. The packaging of such gift is very important, as it will affect the image of brand and value of your merchandise.

All-in-one GWP. These types of shot glasses can be given in sets for every purchase. Customers can now enjoy the liquor with more people using similar glasses. They do not have to buy new. Thus, it creates additional and nice advertising for brand.

Well-placed Brand Logo. They are absolutely eye-catching and impossible to miss. However, they don’t need to do it to find the brand name as it is located at the front face of the shot glass. It can definitely help increase brand awareness whenever people use it.

Innovative Merchandise: Travel Adapters for Active Consumers

How This Custom Adapter Can Be Suitable For Your Next Campaign:

Large Target Market – With the custom adapter being usable for both travellers, anyone with an electronic device and even vehicle companies. This product has huge potential to entice a wide audience from different markets and can always be an attractive Gift with Purchase in any of these industries.
Easily branded – The two in one custom adapter is a rather plain product and therefore means it is very open to a range of branding designs. Whether it’s small or covering the whole promotional product this adapter can have the potential to adapt to any companies style.
Range of colours – Including great selection of potential branding methods, with the product being plain, it can also be made into almost any colour, further associating itself to a companies, branding culture and promotional style. Whether it’s orange to attract attention or blue to fit a companies design, it is easily flexible for any industry.
High perceived value – With this custom adapter having multiple electrical inputs as well as two USB output ports, it differs itself from all the other travel adapters. With a companies branding and colouring also on it, this will create a much higher perceived value and will certainly increase the customers interest and desire further.
Always visible to clients – Whether it’s in the car, at a hostel, or just outside at an accessible power source, this product will always be on show. The point in which brand activation will be maximise is if the USB port is shared with other travellers or fellow car users, promoting not only the brand itself but the unique and innovative functions of this product.

GWP Ideas, Innovative Merchandise

Merchandise for Spring: Premium BBQ Sets

With Spring upon us BBQ season has begun and will play a strong part in our campaigns all through the summer. Make sure you have all the Barbecue Tools in your home in order to be a real pro during the blazzing summer heat – be sure to show off your cooking skills to your friends.

BBQ’s are popular in many countries around the world and a BBQ tool box set is a perfect corporate gift to give out to your employees or valued customers as a spring gift.

It is very easy to print the logo or slogan of a company on the box set as well as on the handle of each tool. These items have a long product life if sourced using realiable  material.

Customers or employees who receive BBQ tools as a gift will be ecstatic. BBQ manufacturer’s could offer a free BBQ tool set as a premium product with the purchase of a brand new BBQ grill. Dont forget to include your company’s logo on the box set and tools, in order to increase your brand visibility.

There are an immense variety of barbecue tools, such as skewers,  tools to handle food on the grill,  or utensils to clean the grill. There are just as many packaging options, from custom plastic cases, to Nylon fold up holders, to simple disposable cardboard packaging.


Innovative Merchandise

Premium Merchandise: Luxury Laptop Bags

In today’s technological age, we can be certain that most of the clients we cater to have laptops and tablets. Gadgets have evolved into a necessity in this generation—a social disadvantage but also a marketing opportunity.

People nowadays can’t take their eyes off of their gadgets and have developed a habit of constantly taking it out to check their social media accounts, e-mail for a message or even a call. Electronic gadgets have become very visible in our environment; hence, an opportunity for marketing and advertising.

In choosing your next merchandise, you should always take note of your target consumers and be able to immerse yourself into their way of thinking, their way of life. A strategy you can apply is embedding your brand to the essentials. Through this, it is certain that your brand will be seen as essentials, such as laptops and tablets, are always out of the house.

Producing merchandise which can complement and support a gadget’s function is an effective strategy to expand your brand’s coverage. It is also ingenious in a sense that your patrons will be your medium to a wider reach. The challenge comes with how you design such product which can attract and earn the trust of a patron.

Using premium materials is a definite must. Durability and style will be the main pillars of any merchandise. Just like this laptop bag designed for Matua, it is a simple classic design crafted in high quality canvas. In producing merchandise such as these, one should always keep in mind the brand image you want your consumers to see--- a premium brand will always have to produce premium-looking merchandise made from quality material.

Merch and Effect takes you onto the road to ingenuity when it comes to developing your merchandise. To be honest, all it takes is a little common sense and a whole lot of motivation and passion for your brand. Let your ideas flow and imagination run wild.