Creating Great Packaging for GWP in the Liquor Industry


Cardboard beverage Packaging benefits

Companies use cardboard as a prime source of packaging because of its affordability, recyclability and customisable nature.  For this reason Appleton Estate have used this material in their gift-set packaging. Cardboard is beneficial to their brand because:

Branding- Brands can use screen printing to customise cardboard. This feature has enabled Appleton Estate to apply their branding to the box. The message shown on the back of the box  benefits their brand by promoting- their belief in not drinking if you are pregnant, their production policy and their online store.

Design- The corrugation process of the cardboard has made it possible to Laminate the cardboard and therefore protect the packaging from moisture and dust. Similarly, the laser cutting made it possible to create distinct windows that outline the products on the packaging. This increases the product visibility for customers. Subsequently achieving greater customer attention.

The colour- The dark colour scheme is simple but effective. The black matte finish makes the product look classy.  Similarly, the white coloured font is bold as it contrasts against the black -making the labelling visually pleasing and easy to read.