Eco-Friendly Merchandise for Liquor Company Promotions

One of the biggest trends these days is using Eco Friendly Products. Why not consider a Eco-Friendly set for your Company Promotion? Giving this as a gift will show that you as a company care about the environment, plus you’re offering a very convenient set of merchandise to the receiver, that will come in handy and classy anywhere.


Why do we like this Eco Friendly Stationery Set for Company Promotion?

Unique but practical: The wooden finish and the clean, modern design of this Eco Friendly merchandise makes it a definite eye catcher. It makes it look more luxurious, and the receiver will definitely appreciate the gift. The items are square, so it’s very convenient to slip into your countertops.

Good promotional product: The options for customizing these products are limitless. The wood can easily be engraved with a company logo and the material can be darker or lighter depending on your preferences. Secondly, by having these items around at the bars and restaurants, the company will come across as eco-friendly and ethical.

Upholds brand reputation: As stated above, using this product in and around the office will send a message to other people that you care about the environment. Bamboo is a very sturdy material, so the items can be used for a long time to come.