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Function and Style: Merchandise for the Active Women Today

A handbag hook is a perfect companion for any girl to keep their handbags off the ground.  This helps keep your handbag clean and prolong its usability. Besides, this handbag hook also shouts out as a fashion statement. The simple yet posh design stands out from other conventional handbag hooks that may come across as too loud or cheap looking.



How can offering a handbag hook be helpful?

On a marketing level, offering a promotional gift reflects well on the company. It shows that the company is customer orientated and they is also a gesture of generosity to them. Customers that receives gift will usually be more loyal or receptive to future products or promotions from that same company.

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You may think that promotional gifts are seen everywhere but they are actually one of the most preferred ways of marketing. No one will say no to a free gift, especially if it is something that is useful and practical. If your company has not been using promotional gifts as a marketing tool, we strongly encourage that you consider this approach!