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Functional Merchandise: Insulated Bottles

According some surveys, a stainless steel became the most convenient and useful material for bottles. Your company will be one step ahead with these insulated bottles

It is not surprising that these bottles are used not only by travellers but also by ordinary people. Consists inside and outside of high-grade stainless steel without any glass. These branded bottles are the best practical choice for long-life drink ware because stainless steel is strong and impact resistant material.

Stainless steel is non-reactive with acidic beverages. This item provides a clean, neutral taste and won’t affect flavor or smell like other materials.

Matua 750mL Insulated Bottle.jpg

Why is it good idea to use this insulated bottle for your campaign?

Brand value. We would like to notice that stainless steel is safest material for food and drinks. These double wall branded stainless steel flasks are non-toxic and completely BPA free and do not contain any dangerous components. Take care of your customers and they will gratefully repay. By using these products for your campaign you can increase brand value.

Green marketing idea. Need to emphasise that these stainless steel items are 100% recyclable compare with glass, conventional plastics or compostable PLA plastic material used to make most other bottles. With this idea you can emphasise the environmentally-friendly policy of your company.

Enhances Brand Visibility.  Double wall branded stainless steel with vacuum insulated, keeps hot and cold all kinds of drinks for longer time. That’s why your customers will bring it to the job or use for walking in the park, or take to the gym, where everyone will see your brand logo printed on this gift.