Creating Merchandise with Premium Packaging

A very thoughtful functional item for your clients, a form of relaxation one may get at home. Packaged in a nicely designed box, customers do not have to worry about breaking it. The candle looks absolutely stunning. Simple product, but the nice aroma and design make it very charming. Matte glass gives the feeling of the silky surface and it only amplifies the luxury of the item.

Merch&Effect_Rosemount Candle.jpg


The boxed candle suits any seasonal marketing campaign. It can be perfectly used as a gift for your VIP customers, gift with purchase or as purchase with purchase. This aroma candle is an absolutely amazing candle marketing gift –- a functional and stunning piece to improve any household’s ambiance.

This marketing gift may be offered in a wide range of scents. This way, consumers who like to collect a whole set will become repeat purchaser. Some customers may also like to use candles at home to feel as if they are living in a spa. By having such buyers who will keep purchasing the same product, it would certainly generate sales tremendously as they would want to collect the entire set of candles.

This item can also be used in many places, at home, in the office or even in a store, if you own one. With a large space to print your brand on, this marketing gift will be one that would boost brand visibility and awareness as well. Ultimately this will generate more sales for your company, yet again. Simple and effective, that is what most marketing executives are going for now.

This product could also be made of recyclable materials in order to help your company’s corporate social responsibility. With your company being involved in the preservation of the earth, more consumers that are concerned about the green movement would be highly receptive to your company as well.