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Ideas for GWP Merchandise: Wine Charms

If you want people to notice your wine products, then giving away promotional wine charms and markers would help!

Wine charms are decorative accessories for your wine glass. They come in various shapes, colors, and size.

These tiny wine accessories are perfect for wine enthusiasts, parties, restaurants, hotels, and degustations.

To make it an effective promotional tool, it is important to consider what type of material would be suitable for your gift with purchase campaign. This will also help you identify the cost of production.

We have come up with a list of wine charms to help you decide which suits your brand. Find out which will make your brand stand out!

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6 Promotional Wine Charm Gift Ideas to Promote Your Wine Products
Metal/Zinc Alloy: Metal wine charms have a heavy on them but they are sturdy and classy. Customers will love the funky vibe it adds to their wine glass. Painting it with brand colors, embossing/debossing logo, or laser engraving the logo will make it an eye-catching promo gift.

Resin/Plastic: Resin and plastic wine charms are lighter that metal charms and are easy to customize. This type of wine charm can be made in any shapes and sizes to promote your brand. With resin, you can save on tooling, and cut down production cost.

Glass: Like resin, you can transform glass into any custom design. It does not require high tooling cost, so you can save more. Attractive wine charms can be perceived as high quality, hence increasing the product’s value. Wine lovers may even want to collect these shiny charms. This helps encourage buyers to buy more and update their collection. However, it provides limited branding potential.

Wood/Cork: Wood and cork lend a natural and rustic look to your dining table. These materials are light and easy to source. What’s more, they are eco-friendly and production is fairly easy. Incorporating laser engraved logo makes wood or cork ideal wine promotions.

Silicone Markers: Vibrant silicone markers similar to the ones in the photos can easily get the attention of buyers. These colorful markers add a youthful and fun vibe to any gathering. You can customize them to emphasize your brand. We suggest you use your brand color to strengthen brand recall. It can be pantone-matched to achieve ideal color.

Fabric: This type of wine charm may be the most cost-effective wine glass accessory to produce. Materials are abundant and branding possibilities are endless. Because it’s customizable, it’s ideal as a promotional gift for your campaign. Buyers will love its uniqueness.

Why Use Promotional Wine Charms?

Aesthetic Appeal: People love pretty things. This can easily grab your buyer’s attention and convince them to try your product. It’s aesthetic appeal can increase the value of your brand. Beautiful branded wine charms can attract more customers and ultimately increase revenue.
Collector’s Item: Unique designs can be perceived as a limited collector’s item. This encourages customers to buy and collect more!
Functionality: Buyers will love the idea of adding a personal touch to their drinks. These pretty ornaments can help them identify their own glasses.