Shake it up! Premium Cocktail Shakers as Merchandise

Liquor promotional products are often premium. From branded ice buckets and stirrers to successful packaging there have been great items for this industry. This trend is the same here with this promotional material; the black matte finish adds a premium accent while the strong branding ensures exposure.


Liquor Promotional Products, why a Cocktail Shaker?

Gift with purchase – A premium item like this adds value to a purchase exceptionally. As part of a set, or an individual glass these would pair brilliantly with a premium bottle of liquor. Liquor promotional products like these have exceptional brand exposure capability.

 Custom design –The branding on the side can be satin etched for clarity with custom design or silk screen printed, great for a bold display of your logo. The premium feel is essential for products like this, these merchandise accomplish this.

 Generate awareness– Brands love to be recognised, and these promotional products are a perfect way to give your brand the boost it deserves. Integrate your brands logo and you will be ascertained to reap the benefits of using a high quality promotional product.

Inspire conversation- Due to the nature of the product, they are intended to be used in social situations, as such this is a great way to formulate word-of-mouth, and it’s certain to be the positive type if offering a product of this quality.

There are endless amounts of styles of promotional products, but when it comes to liquor we would recommend in staying away from the stein type and just sticking to the classic taster genre, purely for health precautions. Though these styles come with various types of prints that can be extremely impactful on the perceived value of the product.

We have years of experience at Merch and Effect in product design, product sourcing and product manufacturing; and have produced and constructed a large array of drink promo products such as the ones shown above.