Elevate any Product with Premium Packaging Designs

A nice whiskey campaign requires some nice packaging as well. No company would hand them over like normal bottles. Give a look at this new packaging designs for your liquor marketing campaigns. All of them come in the same material and similar shape but in different types of wood and styles.


Why would these distillery packs be effective promo items?


Higher perceived value: The clean and well-finished design and the materials used for the boxes and the bottle of liquor makes the promo gift seem not cheap at all. The customer will feel like receiving an important gift and consequently adopt a different approach towards your brand.

Branding: The logo on top of the box is a perfect example of branding. However, not only the box can be branded but the packaging of the bottle as well. Your name will be visible in every glass and single merchandise.

Custom: The design can be changed and made custom, it is possible to use other materials, apply different closing methods, composepersonalised sets and so on. The possibilities for customisation are infinite.