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Visual Merchandising: Branded Bar Caddy

A bar has become a standard characteristic on every event and is pulling people from many target groups into the events. As a barkeeper this much attention can get into a real stress and work, where the barkeeper needs to remember and mix every drink and customer. Having such branded bar caddys can help the barkeeper to at least have a organized bar and therefore top up his speed in mixing and bar-tending.

Such bar caddys do exist in many styles and can be made out of a lot of different materials. This design is made of aluminium and is therefore a perfect and stylish option to use and to promote your brand at any event or bar. The aluminium makes it durable for a possible fast and maybe rough handling from time to time by the staff or customers.

bar caddy.jpg

Why should you think about such Branded Bar Caddys?

Brand awareness. A bar is the magnet on any party for anyone who likes to have a drink or snack, which is therefore the best reason to promote your brand with such bar caddys. To promote at such a busy place on a event will not only increase your brand awareness for long term, but also remember them of your brand and products and will convince them to buy one of your drinks or bottles.
Durability. Using bar caddys, which are made out of aluminiumis really clever, as they will not break by falling on the ground and are totally washable and will make sure the branding on them will last for a long time.