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Creative Merchandise: Designed Liquor Glass

Custom made liquor glasses not only capture the essence of your liquor, they also showcase your brand’s depth and specialization in this field. By serving your rum in a signature, custom-made glass, your brand brings its small piece of history to the present (and even to the future).

LeftField Glass.jpg


Why is an on-pack gift great as a marketing incentive?

Point of sale promotion. This glass could be used in bars or at home on display in your drinks cabinet to promote your liquor brand. When buying a glass of this specific brand of whiskey, customers tend to like their drink served with a matching glass to accompany the drink. Therefore, this premium glass will be on show to more customers, the nicer looking the glass, the more likely the customer will buy this rum.

Increase the perceived value of the product. This means that customers are more likely to pick a specific product over competitors in the same industry.  By offering an on-pack gift  that is used together with the actual product along with a premium packaging, the perceived value is increased even further.

Brand awareness. Because of its novelty factor, this promo glass will interest customers to buy, because it offers more than other whiskey brands at that time. With the higher level of interest about a premium item, the more recognition your brand will receive if you stamp your logo on it.