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Kitchen Merchandise: Barbecue Utensils for Outdoor Events and Campaigns

Nobody really stops to think about cutlery anymore. They are an everyday product, used multiple times a day, all around the world. But there are so many creative designs available, so it is time to shed some light on the endless possibilities for this Kitchen Promo Idea.

The first cutlery set is a set made with handles to look like wood. As seen on the photo, this set can also contain a cake knife and salad servers. The faux wood handles give the cutlery a rustic look.

LinkedIn_Legend RollBag.jpg


Why do we like this Kitchenware Promo Idea?

Design appeal: For customers who are looking for the newest smart Kitchenware promo items, this would be the perfect item. This set contains all necessary cutlery items, imagine the impracticality of having to look for separate cutlery items to match. Problem solved!
Finer brand remembrance: Such a clever Kitchenware Promo item will definitely let customers have a positive recall of your brand. When the cutlery set is branded with your logo, customers will easily remember your brand every time they use this set.