Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Outdoor Merchandise: Premium Knife Sets as GWP

A  knife set is a great product to give away to customers as corporate gift. Knives are seen as innovative products, improving the culinary experience of your customers. They are much more efficient in some ways then conventional knives.


Ceramic Knife Set Product

In the set there is a Chef knife, a carving knife, a utility knife and a paring knife. Each set can be completely customizable with different types of knife sizes and with different number of knives per set. Some knife sets can be made for two-three products or more. The knifes pictures here have a rubber handle, this can be changed in terms of color or material, possible to have a wooden material to have a more classic knife look. The knife set can also come in a box set instead of a stand, the stand will be more practical for kitchen use.

All of these products are entirely customizable as mentioned above. A logo or brand name can easily be printed on the handle or on the blade. It is also possible to print a logo or your company‘s name on the acrylic stand on the glass part and on the cover of the box set. All of these placements offer great layout to print logos and brand names. This is a great product to offer as a promotional product or for a GWP campaign. This kind of ceramic knife set can be offered with the purchase of a new fridge, a dishwasher or any kitchen appliances.