Innovative Merchandise

Practical Strategies: Planning Ahead to Save Money on Merchandising

Every dollar saved in shipping directly reflects better financial performance. Overpaying in logistics means you can’t provide consistent and cost-effective delivery to your customers and seemingly have no control on your company’s desired specialization.

In the merchandising industry, it is a well know fact that China will be one of your major partners in your deals. If you have little to less knowledge on shipping logistics to and from China, you better read up for the betterment of your business.



1. Plan Ahead
Time is Money. Last minute shipping is always expensive.You can always save a lot if you don’t play it too close to the edge.

By planning in advance you can not only avoid overpaying, but also take advantage of some nice discounts depending on your suppliers. This can give you time to plan for storage when it’s needed and overall make you more flexible in terms of choosing a carrier and tariff.

Plan ahead means you will have enough time to choose the suitable transportation method, find a good freight forwarder and leave you and your customers better preparation.