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Corporate Gift Ideas: Classy and Slick Cable Organizers

This custom cable organizer is just what you need to maximize your promotional campaign. Small, yet very useful and customizable, we believe that it will be ideal for any project!  Functionality is so important when gifting.  We love the addition of magnets to these designs.

This unique promotional product will make a great gift with purchase for cellphone products and gadgets. Companies can also use branded cable organizers as corporate giveaways. Therefore, it’s flexible and can be used for various campaigns.

Designing your own custom cable organizer is fairly easy. With the right design and materials on hand, you’ll surely achieve great results.


Tips for Designing Your Own Custom Cable Organizer

Consider Functionality: It should be easy to use as people like products that would make their life more convenient. It’s perfect for home and office use. As such, more people will be able to see your brand.

Choosing a Design: Find a design that suit your campaign. You can use TV or movie characters for movie marketing, sports-related designs for sports promotions, or simply use your brand logo to enhance brand visibility. Notice that our example has simple design. It has ample space for printing brand visuals.

Preparing for The Campaign: Optimize your promotions by arranging a tech gift set. Pair up your custom cable organizer with a flash drive or power bank. With creative packaging you will have a wonderful gift set for your loyal customers! This will help boost brand recognition and strengthen customer loyalty.