Consumer Retention Strategies: Offer Functional Wine Glasses

Any product item at Duty Free is a real looker. It is so easy to get lost in time when you are in this store anywhere in the world. Their displays are fabulous; there is a huge variety in terms of the products. The gifts with purchase merchandise are at the best spots too. It’s great when shoppers do not have to move items to find the ones they like.

Wild Turkey Glass2.jpg

3 Perks of this Item at a Duty Free Store

Elegant-looking. The shot glass is premium yet simple and has the Skyy Vodka identity embedded to it. This is what makes it look presentable and posh. The packaging of such gift is very important, as it will affect the image of brand and value of your merchandise.

All-in-one GWP. These types of shot glasses can be given in sets for every purchase. Customers can now enjoy the liquor with more people using similar glasses. They do not have to buy new. Thus, it creates additional and nice advertising for brand.

Well-placed Brand Logo. They are absolutely eye-catching and impossible to miss. However, they don’t need to do it to find the brand name as it is located at the front face of the shot glass. It can definitely help increase brand awareness whenever people use it.