Innovative Merchandise

Innovative and Classy Liquor Merchandise: Whisky Stones

When it comes to the world of business, appreciating the loyalty of your customers is important. Giving gifts along with your products will make customers happy to receive them and will ultimately boost sales. If you run a food or drinks company than maybe the idea of an appreciation gift set will appeal to you.

The stones are ideal for drinking whisky as they help to keep them refreshingly cool, without the need for ice cubes. One benefit of not having ice is that you’ll be purely enjoying the taste of the whisky without it being diluted.


Why are whisky stones and glasses ideal for an appreciation gift set?

No need for ice.
After putting the stones in the fridge for around 1-2 hours, it’s ready to be used. It will keep the whisky cold for a longer duration and not dilute the drink.

It contains nontoxic chilling gel.
The whisky stones and glasses contain effective but nontoxic chilling gel. This explains why it can keep whisky colder for longer than ice cubes. In addition, at the ODM Group we can guarantee that the resources we use are are food grade safe.

Whisky stones and glasses are rust proof.
Whisky stones and glasses can last for years due to the fact that they are rust proof.

Whisky stones and glass have anti-bacterial properties.
Aside from the whisky stones and glass being rust proof, they also contain anti-bacterial properties to guarantee that your drinks are clean. Also, they do not to retain the taste or scent of any type of drink no matter how concentrated they are. So if you wish to try a wide variety of beverages, then you don’t have to worry about this aspect.