Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

POS Displays: Skyy Vodka's Modern Liquor Campaign

Any bottle of liquor is exquisite as it is. But is takes a unique bottle holder to level up a bottle first impression to an enthusiast. Providing the best quality of liquor is not enough when pleasing your customers. Adding a little bit of flavor through unique designs of a bottle holder can open up a new dimension in marketing your product. 

ming bottle glorifier.jpg


These unique designs for holding up a bottle of wine can act as a gift wrap in itself. It is perfect for gifts and even better for a typical household. These products can improve the aura of any living space which can closely compete with figurines that contribute to the overall décor.  

Design possibilities for this piece are limitless. A brand that has a distinct icon or symbol can certainly benefit in producing this kind of product. It gives your consumers a true to life encounter with your brand. The only limit is your imagination.

Are you ready to reach new heights with your brand of liquor? The best is yet to come for any brand willing to explore on these design ideas. No other company is qualified enough to bring your imagination to life--- Merch & Effect.