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Functional Merchandise Ideas: Duffel Bags from Skyy Vodka

Why a duffel bag?

Practicality; one of the most practical item used everyday. Offering a bag, as a complimentary gift to your customers, gives the impression that you want to be a part of their daily lives. This is great because customers actually do remember you. They feel appreciated and develop the impression that you gave a lot of thought into your gifting process. This brands your company above your competitors.

Skyy Duffel Bag 2.jpg

Why should you offer items like this?

Firstly, offering promotional items comes along with tons of pros for your company. A situation may even occur where customers buy the product that is on sale just because they want to get the promotional item. Such an example would definitely be the well-known MacDonald’s Happy Meal. It is a known fact that most people buy the happy meal because of the limited edition promotional toy that comes with it. This is a fairly good example to show the impact of having a good item. Offering such premium items help brand your company as one that is generous and one that values customer satisfaction as a priority.

A promotional duffel bag is a great idea because of its great practicality and usability. Furthermore, customers of Skyy Vodka are mostly audiences with functional fashion sense. Therefore, they will be glad to receive this promotional item that is being offered because of its simple yet elegant design.