Innovative Merchandise

Corporate Merchandise: Asahi Money Clip

The money clip is a gift that provides much utility as it allows them to keep these reserve currencies separate from main wallets, to be kept safe should the worst happen. A custom logo may also be etched onto the holster to allow for an additional advertising benefit for the company.

Asahi Money Clip.jpg

Stimulate sales with GWP promotion

This form of promotion is a form of investment that pays for itself. Even though there will be some costs incurred from providing the GWP, it will also translate to increased sales revenue! This happens because people may be drawn to make a purchase because of the gift offered. Thus the initial cost of the GWP is a small sum to pay for the large amount of sales that will could potentially be generated.

GWP helps to boost customer satisfaction!

When customers obtain an additional item other than what they have originally purchased, they feel appreciated. Customers will feel like they are getting more value for their buck. Therefore, this will increase customer satisfaction and aid in building customer loyalty.

Offering a promotional gift certainly provides two-fold benefits for both the brand as well as the customers. So start offering them today to experience these benefits for your company!