Innovative Merchandise

Corporate Merchandise: Optimising your Marketing Budget

If you are looking into maximising your marketing budget this year, then you should invest in corporate gifts! Most people like to get things organized to welcome the beginning of the year. This is why everybody always have a new year resolution. Help your clients and business partners to get organized. A thoughtful gift is always appreciated far more than its actual value. Here are some ideas on how to make organizers and compendiums interesting and useful!
People nowadays own highly portable gadgets. These gadgets help them to be more productive. An iPad compendiums is great for any iPad owner who wants to get organized. The iPad can be inserted into a detachable pocket that serves as iPad case and stand. On the outer cover of this pocket there are some compartments where users can put their iPad cable, USB flash drive, credit cards and many more. being able to contain A4 size paper, this compendium is great for carrying important documents as well.

This gift is highly customisable. You have many options on colour and material. PU can be a very good material for this if leather is too luxurious for the target audience. Having a large surface area, you can choose to brand it prominently or subtly. You can even customize the finishing. Try using foil stamping to make your brand more visible.

Using Marketing Budget Optimally

Corporate gifts can strengthen your brand image and your ties with your partners. It also increases brand awareness. It is a form of subtle investment. Using your marketing budget for corporate gifts will enforce brand recall and hopefully generate more collaborations.