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In-Store Merchandise: Sunglasses by Jim Beam

In store marketing gifts are great to raise the sales of your products in a short time and without big and expensive marketing campaigns. 

How can custom sunglasses help in raising your sales?

Custom sunglasses are fantastic promotional products. When you use them as an on pack gift like this, you will influence the consumer in his buying behavior directly in the store. This way you can raise your sales and increase your product recognition.

If you want to use custom sunglasses to reach as many potential customers as possible and therefore increase your brand’s awareness, it’s best to give branded sunglasses away as free giveaway.

Another amazing way to use custom sunglasses is to offer them with your logo printed on the cover as branded merchandise in your shops or in your online store.


In general, custom sunglasses are fantastic promotional items. They offer a great branding area on the cover to print whatever you want on them. It’s easy to print your logo, your artwork or your products on it. Besides, they are also available in many different materials and colors.