GWP Ideas

Strategic Merchandising: Activating your Consumers with GWPs

Having premium GWPs adds to the enjoyment of purchasing the beverage. This leaves a positive impression on your brand which, in turn, attracts audiences to buy your products. They may be potential customers who’ve yet to try them, or consumers who buy from competing brands but are looking for something different. In other words, an in-pack promotion can immediately translate to an increase in sales and profit. Here are some other benefits for incorporating this promotional strategy.

Why should you also choose an insulated beverage container for your next campaign?

Customisation and branding: An insulated beverage container has a large area and it easy to personalize. Matua has gone for simple but effective branding here and the same can be done on any other drink cooling product, with custom shape, colours and printing.

Increase perceived value: This item is given as a gift with purchase. The customers perceive it as a higher value as they feel like getting two items for one purchase. An insulated beverage container can be used for wine, beer and many other drinks hence, it would ideal as a gift to a friend.

Stimulate sales: For first time customers, it may be challenging for them to find the best wine to buy based on the bottle alone. Therefore, it is nice to have a GWP included, to tempt consumers in to trying your wine.

Customer Retention: Customers who have bought your bottle for the first time and plan to buy more will find themselves excited to see that they can get more containers with another purchase.