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Strategic Merchandising: Increasing your Brand's Perceived Value

In the merchandising products market, utility and synergy are essential in making the campaign a success. How do you add meaning to your premium products?  Adapting the product with innovative/adapted printing, bundling products together & choosing the right product to convey your message are key.

Other ways to increase your perceived value include:

Packaging – Inclusion of premium promotional packaging is another great way to increase your perceived value. Adding value through packaging  means that a customer’s first impression of your product will be that of high quality. This will instantly associate your brand with luxury and increasing what they are willing to pay for your products.

Point of Sales displays – A well implemented POS display can be hugely influential in perceived value. A display that emits a message of luxury and class will make certain that customers associate you with high quality products. As a result, it will increase what they feel the price of your products should be.

Ultimately, if a company wants to maintain a high brand image, they will wish to buy the most cost effective product with the highest perceived value.