Innovative Merchandise

Innovative Merchandise: Mobile Bars for Events

POS Marketing is among the most effective ways available to advertise and support your product directly at the source. Be it to promote an event or attract on-lookers with inflatable arch or simply increase brand fidelity and visibility with badges, magnet or mascots, POS marketing will do the job for you provided you pick the most effective tool for it.

This concept of a mobile bar for Patron Tequila is a practical way of getting your brand mobility and visibility going at the same time. An item like this will have a good niche in private functions and a number of public events and concerts where your products can be sold or sampled directly to your target market.


Reasons to use mobile bars for your campaign:

  • Large branding area. A Mobile Bar provides you with opportunity to place your logo, slogan, more information about the product, something interesting about the way of production, terms of promo campaign and of course, your product itself. So this is the best way to communicate with customer.

  • Fully custom. Mobile Bars are fully customisable and available in any shape, size and printing. They are great to attract customer’s attention thanks to catching-eyes design and big size of promo stand.

  • Brand value. Being a tool for a bright and memorable promotion, Mobile Bars make your brand big and more important in customer eyes.

  • Boost your sales. A Mobile Bar is one of the most significant forces of trade . It is always good to install it in store or at the entrance of supermarket or shopping mall. This will motivate customers to impulsive buying.