Innovative Merchandise

Premium Ideas: Classy and Smooth Bottle Holders

These products are a group of fantastically designed wooden bottle stands perfect for a drinks campaign. Whether it is alcoholic, non alcoholic, wine or beer, these items would work great as a point of sale display to make your company stand out from and give off a stylish appearance to all those that walk past.

How These Bottle Stands Can Help With A Campaign

With such a variance in design these products have a great selection of looks to suit your company and how you want to display your products. Whether it’s a premium, specialised or just a mass market product, these bottle stands can be used to target any consumer.

As the majority of the products themselves are rather plain in design it offers many opportunities to adapt them to your companies culture and general appearance. Some of the more stand out designs such as the horse and barrel or boat themed stands can make your company a big hit at your next marketing campaign or trade show.

They are also perfect for being sold separately to customers as items for their home making your branded bottle stand not only a bottle holder for the home but an integrated ornament that can be shown and seen by all guests.