Innovative Merchandise

Functional Merchandise: Premium Corkscrews

To find a unique way to promote your brand within your wine promotions is not always easy, but this bottle corkscrew can help you to gain more attention to your campaign. To use a promotional product, which can be directly used with your product, can gain you a big increase on your sales and the awareness of your campaign.

This great corkscrew is very useful. You can fold it back up again to have not just a nicer design as any other corkscrew, but it also can stand alone, so you can put it better onto a shelf and do not need to hide this in any draw anymore. Its design of a bottle makes the costumer wants to show it to their visitors, which will be a reason why this will boost your wine promotions and why your costumers and potential costumers will talk about your marketing campaign and your product.

Why should you think about such a product within your Wine Campaigns?

Unique but effective. Its unique shape of  a bottle makes this corkscrew to a attention magnet. Everyone will be looking at it, as you do not expect a corkscrew to be designed like that.

2 Options in 1. It is true, you can not only open wine with this corkscrew, you also can open beer bottles without getting an other tool. Perfect for a sit together with a bunch of people, or for a big dinner.

Makes brand more important. This corkscrew is nothing you want to hide in a draw, which will just be taking out the 2 to 5 times a day, its been used. This corkscrew will be shown to any visitor or to any wine connoisseur your costumers know.

Additional costumers. Costumers, who did not choose your product before, might would choose your product, if they get such a unique corkscrew to it.