Innovative Merchandise

Premium Merchandising: Branded Barrels for In-Store Displays

Using branded barrels as an advertising product is an excellent choice in merchandise to increase your company’s brand awareness. Drink companies like Negroni have taken advantage of products like these. The company is using this product as a unique in-store display, which helps to add more value to their drink promotions.

Barrels are great products for customisation and have plenty of space to imprint a company logo, name or slogan on. The barrels can be used as tables in bars and restaurants or simply just as decoration as Negroni are doing. By having advertising products that will allow for customers to remember the brand, there will be higher chances that customers will choose the Negroni brand next time they want to purchase a drink.

Benefits from this Advertising Product

Barrels are a great promotional product, which boost sales in the long run. Drink companies especially can benefit from merchandise like this, because the barrels can help to add value to each single promotion. The barrels can be branded in line with your brand identity. This is important if you want customers to remember you.

The barrels can be manufactured in different materials, sizes and shapes. Due to this it is the perfect product if you are about to open a new bar or restaurant and need new interesting inventory.