Innovative Merchandise

Effective Marketing: Branded Glass Merchandise

Why do we like this branded beer glass as marketing idea?

Free Gift. Gift with purchase concept was always a good promotional idea for any brand. The point is that customers usually have a huge selection of products they need. There are really few products which are unique and have no any analogs. Therefore when choosing among all brands customers usually pay more attention too quality and price but offering free gift with purchase you will win over any customer!

Practicality. There are a lot of kinds of promo gifts for drinks companies. For example except drink glasses you can offer bottle openers, bottle stoppers, drink coolers and so on. But anyway branded beer glass is the best promo item for beer marketing campaign. This gifts will be used for exact product and at all the time when customers drink their beer.

Brand Exposure. Despite our design’s preference’s we never throw items like this away. This branded beer glass can be combined with other your glasses really bad, but anyway you will use it. Understanding this typical behavior of your potential customer you will find out what a big brand awareness you can achieve. Just imagine that every time customers will open the shelf with glasses they will see your branded beer glass. And every time they will use it, they will think about your brand. This can lead to a bunch of repeated purchases.