Innovative Merchandise: Travel Adapters for Active Consumers

How This Custom Adapter Can Be Suitable For Your Next Campaign:

Large Target Market – With the custom adapter being usable for both travellers, anyone with an electronic device and even vehicle companies. This product has huge potential to entice a wide audience from different markets and can always be an attractive Gift with Purchase in any of these industries.
Easily branded – The two in one custom adapter is a rather plain product and therefore means it is very open to a range of branding designs. Whether it’s small or covering the whole promotional product this adapter can have the potential to adapt to any companies style.
Range of colours – Including great selection of potential branding methods, with the product being plain, it can also be made into almost any colour, further associating itself to a companies, branding culture and promotional style. Whether it’s orange to attract attention or blue to fit a companies design, it is easily flexible for any industry.
High perceived value – With this custom adapter having multiple electrical inputs as well as two USB output ports, it differs itself from all the other travel adapters. With a companies branding and colouring also on it, this will create a much higher perceived value and will certainly increase the customers interest and desire further.
Always visible to clients – Whether it’s in the car, at a hostel, or just outside at an accessible power source, this product will always be on show. The point in which brand activation will be maximise is if the USB port is shared with other travellers or fellow car users, promoting not only the brand itself but the unique and innovative functions of this product.