Innovative Merchandise

Outdoor Merchandise: Premium Matua Cooler Bags

Cooler bags are popular products for food storage by keeping your food and drinks compact, insulated, cool and safely organised to avoid spillage. And with the season for being outdoors upon us already in some countries, now is the time to think about branding your own to show off in the sunshine.

What sets these cooler bags apart is their ability to carry around two bottles of wine at once. This design will make it so much easier to have an outdoor wine session without worrying about bringing too little booze. 

Why use promotional cooler bags for your brands marketing projects?

Brand awareness. Cooler bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Regardless of size cooler bags have a large branding potential because the outside can be completely designed to show off your brand and logo. You can also design these bags to reflect themes. For example, camouflage like this would be a good theme for camping and outdoor companies.

Free advertising. Cooler bags are mostly always used outside and will be visible to lots of people, if your bag is designed well it will attract more brand attention and therefore will have better brand recall.