GWP Ideas

Functional Merchandise: Rustic Ice Buckets

Ice Buckets are an excellent and very visible advertising tool.  Cold drinks are a big part of pleasure in life. For parties or meals having a nice ice bucket on the table to keep your drinks cold is always a nice thing to do!

There are many factories in China and India who can offer standard designs for beer buckets. However, the design of your bucket will be the one who will determine the success of your campaign. 


Custom Ice Buckets for Vodka:  Since these drinks are usually sold for much more than beer, we can note that most of the time vodka buckets are also of higher quality, more complex in design and more ornate.

Even the best wine or champagne do not have the same taste when it is not cold. To ensure that your beverages are always at good temperature, you definitely have to use an customized ice bucket. That will make you stand out from the crowd as well.